Can You Take a Drug Test While On Your Period

Can You Take a Drug Test While On Your Period

A question many women often ask about drug testing is whether they can take a urine test during their periods. Let’s discuss can you take a drug test while on your period.

There is no need to worry about periods when taking a drug test. The menstrual cycle does not affect the results of the drug test. During the menstrual cycle, only the blood levels of hormones change, and therefore periods has nothing to do with drug test results.

There is no need to worry about periods if you are facing a hair test, saliva test or blood test as menstrual blood or menstrual cycle does not involve sample falsification. If you do not pass a drug test if you are under drug use, it may even be because you are measuring you.

Urine drug test refers to the analysis of urine samples for a wide range of disorders and drug traces. Urine drug tests can accurately and instantly detect drug metabolites in a person’s system. It is the standard method for testing illegal and prescription drugs. Most people agree to take a urine drug test because urine drug test can be cost-effective, painless, easy, and quick. Panel urine drug test

5 searches for major illicit drugs such as amphetamines, methamphetamines, PCP, THC, opiates, and COCs. Your employer, methadone, oxycodone, etc. If you want to test for drugs, you can do a 10-panel urine drug screen or a 12-panel test.

Reasons to get a drug test on your periods

If you are applying for the federal government or a DOT (Department of Transportation) related job, you may be required to take a drug test. For pre-employment purposes, some companies may require you to take a drug test. If the company has accepted Samhsa’s Drug-Free Workplace Program, employees must take a drug test with notification. You can also get tested for other reasons, such as immigration, post-accident reporting, and athletics.

Urine drug test Procedure during periods

If you are an employee working for an employer that has adopted a Drug-Free Workplace Program, you will receive notification of your drug test date.

You will be referred to a drug testing facility for testing as part of the recruitment process. An experienced lab technician and physician may be present during the test.

You can take a clean container with antibiotics to collect a urine sample. Before collecting the sample in the middle of urine, you need to clean your genitals.

The temperature and color of the sample are tested to see if the sample is fake. If it is not the most suitable temperature and color, you must send another sample.

You can get your negative results within 24 hours. Positive results can last from 3 to 7 days.

Can You Do A Urine Drug Test During Period?

If you can. There will be no change in the results until blood contamination occurs in the sample. The urine becomes quite thick in the morning hours. Therefore, it is the best time to take a sample. If the duration is one day, there is a possibility that the sample is contaminated with blood. Although the production of urine and menstrual blood are different, there is a high probability that the sample will be contaminated.

A recent study recommends against taking a drug test during your menstrual cycle. If there is no other way, it is recommended to take samples on the first and second morning of the period. When collecting the sample, make sure the sample is not cloudy. To avoid contamination, you can use tissue paper to wipe/clean the genital parts before collecting the sample.

Can Period give rise to False Positives?

Cloudy urine during periods can affect drug test results, but it cannot be considered a false positive. In general, various factors can lead to false positives in drug tests. For example, some drugs, such as dextromethorphan, diltiazem, metformin, labetalol, and doxylamine, may be listed as drugs in a drug test.

One study claims that blood levels during periods will vary depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. The drug will not affect the test results. Although there are chances that when collecting the sample, menstrual blood may contaminate the sample. It can make the urine sample cloudy. There are many possibilities for sample rejection in a visual test.

As soon as the urine sample is delivered to the technician, the technician must measure the temperature and confirm the sample visually. The optimum temperature should be around 90°-100° Fahrenheit. If it has been wet enough during the last few hours of sample collection, the color of the sample may be pale yellow or clear, like water.

The technician usually recommends taking a drug test in the morning. It must be concentrated and the color must be yellow. The contaminated sample may be a little muddy red. There are many possibilities in which the sample may be rejected on the first visual test.

What can you do if you get tested during your period?

The federal government has special laws for drug testing. If you are an employee who works in a drug-free workspace, you will be notified at least one month prior to the drug screening date. You can prepare in advance for the date of the menstrual cycle.

Make sure the sample container is clean before collecting the sample.

Make sure there are no blood leaks. Use tissue paper and clean the genital area and collect the stream of urine from the middle. This can eliminate bacterial contamination caused by the outer skin of the VAGINA.

Check the color of the sample after collecting the sample.

If it’s not dirty, you can go. Or you need to take another sample to test it. If this collection method does not help, you can ask the technician to collect the sample directly from the bladder using a catheter tube. Technicians rarely prefer this method of sample collection.

If the technician and the company allow you to take a drug test later, you can take the drug test for indefinite days.

How many days after periods can a urine drug test be done? 

There may be bleeding for 3 to 7 days, usually during menstruation periods. After days of the leak, a urine drug test may be done. If your drug test appointment falls on the same day as your menstrual cycle, you can try to postpone your test date by contacting the technician and rescheduling. If not accepted, can provide the sample. Period does not directly affect drug test results. But the samples are more likely to be contaminated by leaking blood. Your sample may be rejected on visual test (the color of the sample).

It’s not a good idea to not participate in your period drug test, because some companies may fail you in a drug test if you don’t show up. Most companies will get approvals regarding your drug test dates in advance. You can plan accordingly. If the company sets a day without prior notice, you can contact the relevant authorities and make changes to the dates accordingly.


Period does not affect the results, although there are some complications with taking a drug test during menstrual cycles. But it can be rejected in the visual test. There is no way around this situation, and this is completely normal.

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