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Top Countries with the Best Plastic Surgeons

Nowadays, fashion and trends have been changing every year. People love to follow the trend even if they don’t have the requirements. Plastic surgery is one of the greatest trends in past decades. It is a surgical speciality that focuses on restoring, reconstructing, or altering the human body. It is classified into two types, and they are reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.

How much do Plastic Surgeons make?

It depends on the counter, if we talk about European countries, Plastic surgeons can earn around10,000-15,000 dollars gross per month as an employed doctor in this field. Depending on the family situation and the amount of earnings, you have to reckon with around 40-50 percent deductions for social security and income tax. If you are self-employed, you may be able to earn significantly more.

Reconstructive Surgery

Craniofacial surgery, microsurgery, hand surgery, and burn treatment are all examples of reconstructive surgery. Some people seek plastic surgery to correct a physical defect or alter a body part that causes them discomfort.

For example, men who have gynecomastia (excess breast tissue) that does not go away with time or weight loss may benefit from reduction surgery. A girl or boy with a birthmark may seek laser treatment to reduce its visibility. There are some countries in the world which is popular for the best plastic surgeons, and here are the lists of them:

Plastic Surgeons in South Korea 

South Korea has emerged as one of Asia’s top destinations for plastic surgery in the last decade. Plastic surgery became very popular among both locals and foreigners in the area. Plastic surgeons in South Korea are among the best in the world.

According to reports, one in every three South Korean women has undergone plastic surgery at some point, making the country the leader in plastic surgery performed per capita. People from different corners of the world choose South Korea since Plastic surgery in Korea is cost effective and worthwhile. While nose jobs and liposuction are common procedures, double eyelid surgery is the most popular due to Asians’ preference for western-looking eyes.

South Korean healthcare facilities have implemented new robotic technologies to assist all types of cosmetic procedures in achieving a perfect balance between the patient’s and technician’s expectations. For example, 3-D modelling systems help patients and surgeons understand the types of outcomes that may be possible with gene therapy or stem cell treatment options.

Robotic technologies assist surgeons in maintaining sterility and reducing the risk of infection. It also contributes to more accurate results that are accurate enough to meet the patient’s expectations. Rhinoplasty, Face contouring and eyelid surgery are South Korea’s procedures on-trend.

Plastic Surgeons in Mexico

Another country that provides low-cost plastic surgery is Mexico. With over a million procedures performed each year, this country ranks second globally. The large number of plastic surgery procedures performed each year demonstrates that Mexican surgeons are highly skilled and experienced.

And thanks to its low plastic surgery costs, Mexico is now regarded as one of the top plastic surgery destinations. The most common plastic procedures in Mexico are liposuction, rhinoplasty, and breast lift. And many patients, primarily from the United States and Canada, travel there to undergo plastic surgery.

Mexico has emerged as a safe, affordable plastic surgery leader, with accredited and well-known, sought-after surgeons. These procedures are frequently much less expensive than having them done at home. Patients will also find that they can stay closer to home and receive various luxury vacation packages once their procedure is completed.

When it comes to having any plastic surgery procedure, Mexico can hold the top position globally. There is a record that millions of people are travelling to Mexico for plastic surgery, and Americans are more on that list. The rate of failure for plastic surgery in this country is nil.

Plastic Surgeons in India

India is the next top country with the best plastic surgeons. It is famous for various medical treatments, and plastic surgery is one of them. While low prices are the primary reason patients travel to India for plastic surgery, Indian surgeons can also perform high-end procedures. India’s large population translates to a large number of Indian plastic surgeons.

More patients come to India every year because of the advanced medical care and low surgical costs, and many Indians speak English. Many top heroines in India are shining well in the film industry because of goals plastic surgery on different body parts.

If you are travelling from another country, it is worth paying more for surgery abroad because it is frequently significantly less expensive than in the West. The Medical Council of India certifies Indian plastic surgeons, and they must complete a rigorous training programme before becoming qualified. When considering a surgical procedure in India, make sure your plastic surgeon is board-certified, as one wrong decision can have disastrous consequences.  

Plastic Surgeons Thailand

Thailand is a country where medical tourism is on the rise, and you can expect to receive a wide range of high-quality treatments and plastic surgeries at lower costs than you would elsewhere. Furthermore, many Thai medical professionals were educated in Western countries and are fluent in English.

Experts advise visiting Bangkok to access the best doctors and care in the country. Thailand has recently risen to the top popular destination for plastic surgery in Southeast Asia. Many top-rated hospitals in Thailand provide advanced medical equipment and technology. Such as operating rooms and recovery rooms and exceptional patient care.

Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles,’ so patients can expect nothing less than warm and welcoming hospitality. They will provide the home feel to each of their patients. The great reason behind its popularity is high-quality, affordable treatment in cosmopolitan, easily accessible locations.

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