Treatments to Improve Your Sleep Cycle This Gloomy Season

5 Unique Treatments to Improve Your Sleep Cycle This Gloomy Season

The sustenance of overall health and wellbeing largely depends on adequate sleep. During sleep, our bodies undertake vital functions like supporting healthy brain functions and maintaining the health of our psyche and body. Growth in children and young adults is also facilitated by sleep, especially in the development and growth of brains and bodies. Sleep deprivation and the deficit will make you feel tired, reducing your performance efficiency. Your concentration will largely be tampered with, not to mention an impairment of judgment and breakdown of physical coordination. Therefore, failing to get adequate sleep will largely affect how you learn, feel, think, work, socialize or get along with others.

The effects of lack of sleep espoused above breed a dire need to safeguard and revive a good sleeping routine and normalcy. If you have been having problems with getting enough sleep, you have a good chance to revive your child-like sleep through simple remedies. This article looks at the remedies in perspective to provide you with some good insight into the recovery of sleep.

1.      Opt for night-time drinks over alcohol

Opt for night-time drinks over alcohol

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Did you know that too much drinking interferes with sleep? It has been recommended that you take some night-time drinks to boost your slumber. Although there isn’t yet some scientific proof of that, testimonies from people who tried it confirm that fact. After all, most of these drinks are regular and natural, with no harm in trying them out. For instance, recommendations have been heavily on chamomile tea, warm milk, and tart cherry juice for patients having trouble sleeping. Warm milk is believed to associate chemicals simulating the effects of tryptophan on our brains. The tryptophan refers to a chemical building block for the serotonin substance associated with the sleep-wake transition. As with chamomile tea, it has been believed to contain flavonoids that may interact with the receptors of benzodiazepine in our brain. The receptors are involved in the sleep-wake transition. Additionally, chamomile tea lacks caffeine, unlike Earl Grey or green tea.

2.      Try Light Therapy

Try Light Therapy

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Light therapy refers to the type of therapy designed to treat some health conditions through exposure to some artificial light. During a light therapy session, a person sits in front of a specialized device called a light therapy box. This device emits some bright light resembling the natural sunlight. Different terms also include circadian light therapy, light exposure therapy, phototherapy, or bright light therapy. This technique is beneficial for people suffering from circadian rhythm sleep disorders and insomnia, including other types of depression. Your doctor could recommend light therapy if you have the following sleep issues; Depression, insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep disorder, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), working on an overnight schedule, jet lag, and Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

3.      Melatonin Supplements

Melatonin Supplements

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What is melatonin? This is a hormone released naturally in our brain for many hours before feeling some sense of sleepiness. Our bodies’ response to limit light exposure causes a trigger of this hormone, making it quite challenging to catch sleep. Fortunately, melatonin is largely available in the form of pills at a local pharmacy as an over-the-counter supplement. The catch is ensuring that you always purchase the same brand of melatonin since the FDA does not regulate the supplements. It is worth noting that ingredients and per-pill dosages differ from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, you should always stick with the same brand and avoid purchasing it online from an unknown source.

4.      Go Dark and Keep too many electronics at Bay.

Go Dark and Keep too many electronics at Bay

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Light emanating from such electronics as smartphones causes a lot of interference to sleep. Included in that is your bathroom light. You do not need to flick on the lights if you gain the urge to go out at night. In place of that, you can utilize a flashlight if you have to get out during the night. A flashlight will offer little visual disruption. In addition to that, a lot of activity on your electronic devices such as television, smartphones, or any other device will rob you of your sleeping time.

5.      THC for Sleep

Research has shown that THC helps manage sleep issues primarily because of its ability to reduce pain and anxiety. More studies on THC and sleep are ongoing, but some researchers have already demonstrated THC Gummies as a solution to sleep. A study discovered that a 160-milligram (mg) THC dose enhances sleep among insomnia people. Another 2019 study found that most participants who had some disorders in sleep experienced some sleep improvement after taking some THC products.

Final Thought

Because sleep is essential for our wellbeing, we should always maintain a healthy sleeping habit to avoid inviting sleep deficiencies and disorders. Burning the midnight oil is often not efficient in increasing our work outcome. The quality of your decisions will be more important than the speed of work. Therefore, you should put a healthy sleep schedule into your bucket list and enjoy a productive life. If you consider the remedies above, you will recognize that you will be saving yourself from the risks of chronic health problems like diabetes and heart diseases. Additionally, you will be able to safeguard your social prowess, thus establishing and maintaining healthy relationships. 

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