rare types of belly buttons

7 Rare Types of Belly Buttons

The shape of our navel reveals a lot about our character – at least that’s what omphalomancy claims. Skeptical? Then just make up your own mind: How well does the description fit you? Our belly button. That mysterious thing that no one can quite explain. Yes, yes, of course: We also know that it grew our umbilical cord, through which we were supplied with nutrients in the womb. But: 

  • Why is it round on some and narrow on others?
  • Why are there outwardly curved and smooth belly buttons?
  • What do all the different shapes that belly buttons can take mean?

The way the umbilical cord was severed after birth does not explain this – contrary to popular misconception! At least not alone.

Some say the shape of our navel is in our genes (as is well known, quite a bit more…). Others, on the other hand, are sure that our belly button is directly related to our destiny and our character (which does not necessarily contradict the theory about genes…). 

According to this, the shape of our navel would allow us to draw conclusions about the course of our lives and our personality. And drawing them, ie interpreting the shape of our navel, is even the subject of a science of its own, omphalomancy.

Although some see it “only” as a pseudo-science that offers no real insights. But we think everyone should form their own opinion. Therefore, we show you here the 7 types of navel shape that omphalomancy usually distinguishes, along with the associated character traits. 

Well, how well does that description fit you…?

1. Long and narrow Belly Buttons

Long and narrow Belly Buttons

If you have a long, narrow belly button, you are probably very goal oriented and a perfectionist. You know exactly what you want and are usually well organized enough to achieve it.

2. Round Belly Buttons

Round Belly Buttons

People with a circular belly button usually keep calm even in stressful situations – because they are usually balanced, self-confident and at peace with themselves. 

3. Oval Belly Buttons

Oval Belly Buttons

Anyone who has an oval navel is very social and can therefore lead particularly well and show others the way. Most people like to follow someone like that.

4. Crescent Belly button

Belly button in crescent shape

The crescent shape is often associated with an above-average creative, idealistic and passionate character. Typically, however, such people are always a bit screwed up and tend to get a little entangled in their dreams and ideals.

5. Hourglass Belly button

Hourglass navel Belly button

Do you know someone who is extremely articulate and communicative? And at the same time charming and empathetic? Maybe this someone has a navel in the shape of an hourglass – at least there would be a connection according to omphalomancy.

6. Arched Belly button

Your belly button is… bulging out like that? soup! Then you must be quite a bundle of energy! You may seem childish and unreliable to some, but first and foremost you are fun, adventurous and definitely a horse stealer.

7. Loop shape Belly button

According to Omphalomancy, the loop shape represents an innovative, smart spirit. People with this form are considered to be above-average intelligent, clever lateral thinkers – and as is well known, they are very rare. So rare that we unfortunately cannot show a picture of a bow-shaped navel here.

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