Apple Cider Vinegar for nerve pain

Apple Cider Vinegar: 6 Remedies for your Wellbeing

Among the tips for the shopping list there is certainly the purchase of apple cider vinegar. Made from cider or apple wort, apple cider vinegar is a powerful, versatile natural remedy for sure to keep at home.

Apple cider- vinegar is rich in mineral salts and contains a substance called pectin, a mucilage useful for rebalancing intestinal transit and detoxifying the body.

Contains vitamins A and C. Remember that vitamin A is useful for supporting the body’s immune function, the well-being of sight and skin, but also the reproduction and activity of adrenal and thyroid hormones. Vitamin C, in addition to supporting the immune system, is an excellent metabolic regulator and regulates the production of adrenaline.

Among the mineral salts apple-cider-vinegar contains: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium and sulfur. While among the trace elements we find iron, magnesium and copper.

The high content of salts makes it an excellent tonic, demineralizing and rebalancing in excesses of acidity. In fact, these excesses often cause inflammation with consequent localized and widespread pain.

It also contains acetobacteria, responsible for the acidification processes and which create a good environment inside our colon.

Here are 6 ways to make homemade apple cider vinegar remedies.

1. Restorative remedy

To benefit from the anti-inflammatory and demineralizing effect, dilute a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of lukewarm plain water. Drink before breakfast for 21 days.

2. Digestive remedy

To improve digestion by rebalancing gastric secretions, dilute a teaspoon of apple-cider-vinegar in a glass of lukewarm plain water and drink before a meal.

3. Apple cider vinegar for mouth and throat inflammation

To disinfect the oral mucous membranes and throat, or in case of canker sores, abscesses, stomatitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, etc., dilute a teaspoon in half a glass of water and use for rinsing and gargling.

4. Remedy for insect bites

In case of insect bites, soak gauze in a small amount of apple-cider-vinegar and rub the area.

5. Apple cider vinegar for joint inflammation

If you suffer from arthritis, joint pain, hallux valgus, etc., it is possible to use this to disinfect the area, making compresses directly in the area.

Can Apple cider vinegar help with nerve pain?

Yes, provenly it will work.
Apple cider vinegar tablet: pour the vinegar on a cloth or gauze, if the area to be treated is small, place the tablet on the painful part and leave for 20 minutes, once or twice a day as needed. It is possible to heat the vinegar in a saucepan and make hot compresses, useful in case of arthrosis and pains that improve with the heat. In this case, the compress is left to act until it cools down. Repeat these two or three times a day.

6. Apple cider vinegar Hair remedy

Apple cider vinegar is traditionally known as a cure-all for hair. It is in fact able to polish and fortify them. A small glass of apple cider vinegar is diluted in a liter of water which is used to rinse the hair after shampooing.

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