Christian Bale can of Tuna and an Apple Diet

Christian Bale can of Tuna and an Apple Diet

From a family of artists. Her mother was a ballerina and her two grandfathers were actors. And, of course, his artistic nature could not but awaken in the boy.

Weight transformations by Christian Bale. The photo in the center is the result of a loss of almost 30 kg. The third photo is from the movie Batman (click to enlarge).

From childhood, the boy was surrounded by creative, strong-willed and success-oriented people. Very early joined the scene and began to act in films. To play a role well, the actors must get used to the role fully and meet the demands of the directors and screenwriters.

So, Christian Bale more than once had to literally reshape his figure, gain weight or vice versa by getting rid of extra pounds. So, before the film “The Machinist”, the actor had to lose a lot of weight.

Christian Bale’s Weight Loss Diet           

As Christian Bale himself says, for this he had to not eat and move a lot. According to the script, Trevor Reznick was exhausted from insomnia after not sleeping for over a year. In order to get into the role, Christian sat on a strict diet. The daily calorie content of his diet was gradually reduced to 300-400 kilocalories.

For four months, he drank, ate only canned tuna and fresh apples. In addition, he took a vitamin complex and drank plenty of water. When the actor wanted to eat, he tried to distract himself with something else, for example, by reading books. The actor tried to spend his free time at home, avoiding communication with other people.

Christian Bale Workouts

·         Training balls

He supplemented the regime with grueling workouts – he ran until his muscles weakened and he just couldn’t move his legs. The constant companions of such a diet were poor health and weakness. Sometimes because of this they even had to change the time of filming.

·         Consequences

After the filming of The Machinist, Christian Bale even had to be treated. Treatment consisted of adequate nutrition and rest. In addition, it was necessary to get rid of toxins that had accumulated in the body during the fast.

Christian Bale has achieved something of a feat to play an acting role. To do this, you must have a very strong incentive and have an iron will and desire to achieve the goal.

The consequences of such weight loss can affect the health of the actor in the future. After all, prolonged fasting affects overall immunity, causing hormonal imbalance and lingering health issues. Sudden jumps in weight from 83 kg to 55 kg, and vice versa, can disrupt the work of the heart, which may simply not withstand such sudden changes.

·         And vice versa

It’s funny, but for his upcoming movie ‘Batman’, Bale had the chance to get back to his fighting weight at an accelerated rate, which he did brilliantly (raising it to 90+kg). In the end, the actor overdid it, as he no longer fit into the Batman costume. So he had to lose weight again. True, not 30 kg, but only 10.

Friends, hello everyone. We continue the series of stories about famous personalities trying to create something with their physical form. And today in this issue we will talk about the craziest people on TV screens, by the way, this person is one of my favorite actors – Christian Bale, Christian Bale’s transformation is just something!

How Christian Bale’s diet and training changing?

Christian radically changes the amount of carbohydrates and proteins in the daily diet.

  • Protein 2.5 grams per 1 kg of desired body weight), ie gradually increases to 250 grams per day.
  • Carbohydrates 3 grams per 1 kg of desired body weight), ie gradually increase to 300 grams per day.

And, of course, the training itself changes dramatically. From aerobic exercise, he moves on to heavy physical work, which is called strength training. The most interesting thing is that he gained more than he was then before the film as a machinist (85 kg), and became 100 kg.

In general, before the film The Machinist, he weighed 85 kg, when he was preparing for the film, his machinist dropped to 55 kg, and after 5 months his weight was already 100 kg. For 9 months, he operates various transformations with his body in a radical way.

Christian Bale Weight Loss Recipes

1. Don’t eat

The actor claims that after understanding the task, he gradually reduced his food intake to 300-400 kilocalories per day. On the recommendation of a doctor, he took vitamin complexes. I drank a lot of water to what the feeling.

2. Run

The actor ran as long as he had strength left. Then they only got his part on camera. There are scenes in the film where Bale’s character runs. Christian himself calls them the most unloved. Yet… He spent most of his time lying down.

3. Get distracted

When he’s hungry, Christian Bale reads books. It helped him not to think about food.

4. Don’t go anywhere

The actor preferred solitude to all companies, because communication is not just about talking. Typically, during meetings, people eat and drink, so Christian spends time at home.

After filming The Machinist, the actor had to prepare for the filming of Batman Begins. In a month and a half, he gained 45 kilos. After such feats, Christian seems like a magician who manages his weight with a simple: “As I will, at my command”. But if everything is so simple, why do millions of men and women around the world suffer from excess weight? But because what Christian Bale did is very harmful to the body.

Christian Bale Diet Reviews

Those who have dared to experience Bale’s extreme weight loss, succinctly say “works”. It would be strange if the diet did not work, because it is almost a hunger strike. Another thing is interesting: for a long time no one is missing. Lose weight, note that they were able to hold on for a maximum of 2 weeks, but no more. The first days are the most difficult, after 3-5 days the body adapts and you want to eat much less. The weight leaves every day and in 14 days it is possible to lose about 6-10 kg. We feel: on the one hand we feel lightness in the body, on the other weakness and fatigue. “Siders” write that this diet is to assess their own will, their new experience, to recharge psychologically, but in order to lose weight


Christian Bale’s willpower can be envied. He really did the amazing thing, as he could survive without food for almost 4 months. But his experience falls into the category of those cases when they say, “Don’t repeat, its life threatening.” It is not known how the body will react to malnutrition caused by apple-tuna and high doses of coffee. Such failures in the system can start and then it will take a long time to heal. Therefore, we admire Bail’s makeovers, but choose other suitable weight loss options that do not harm our health.

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