healthcare staffing and recruiting trends for 2022

Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting Trends for 2022

Finding the right nursing professionals to take on the work at your medical facility can be difficult. There is a huge shortage of professionals and many companies and medical facilities who want to reach them as soon as possible. Knowing the right tips and techniques will make a world of difference in getting some of the talent that you need. 

The good news is that there are some great healthcare staffing and recruiting trends that you will be able to follow in 2022 to get the nursing professionals you need. Some of these include:

Improve Your Retention Strategies

There are a lot of great retention strategies that you can do in this industry, but your overall goal should be to see if you can improve them to really bring in the professionals. Some of the ways to do this include:

  • Scale down your current capacity for non-essential medical treatment to help limit the visits of the staff to the facility. This will allow the employees to fee more valued and safe at their jobs. 
  • Provide the medical staff with all of the support that they need to continue with working. This can include things like family support, housing, and transportation. Doing so can provide motivation for the staff to keep working with you. 
  • Offer more support in terms of non-monetary benefits for the staff to help them feel important for your company. 

The way that you get this all done will depend on your company and what works the best for you and your employees. But take the time to look at your current nursing professionals and see what would help keep them around and loving their jobs. 

Traveling Nurses

Traveling Nurses

Another trend that is becoming more important in 2022 is the idea of traveling nurses. There is actually a huge demand for this, providing nurses with a way to work in many locations and experience the world in new ways as well. 

It is believed that throughout 2022, there will be a shift in the market with an increase in the demand for nurses. This demand is going to be felt in all parts of the healthcare industry, but it is believed that it will be highest among traveling nurses who have the right experience to fill in gaps and get things done. 


The world of healthcare is changing rapidly and if you would like to keep up, you need to look into automation where it is possible. In the past, healthcare was one of the slowest industries to adopt automation, though it is expected that this will be a place where we see a lot of changes in the future. 

So far, the healthcare industry has been able to save more than $122 billion through automation and it could save another $16 billion when they choose to automate some common tasks. 

In addition, automation may be the key that these facilities need to alleviate the staffing shortage because it helps to cut down on how many professionals are needed. This takes off some of the burden of the staff for some tasks and can give the patient the best. 

Hiring Technically Skilled Nurses

As you work on hiring the right professionals for your healthcare facility, you may notice that your recruitment is going to look for talent that has the right technical skills to get the job done. To make this easier, healthcare facilities are looking for recruits who are more adjustable and accommodating to help adopt different technologies as part of their work. 

For example, the right technology needs to be used to reduce the amount of time spent on a diagnosis. The right nursing professional who knows how to use this will be imperative to your healthcare facility. 

The right nursing professional also needs to know how to work with databases and the cloud software to help them become more efficient as well. Nurses not only need to know how to work with many patients to see success, but they also need to have many skills in technology to help them get this done. 

How do you find talent that is able to do all of this? You will need to look for students who are working on their Master’s degree in nursing or higher. These are the professionals who know how to handle all of the changes in technology that are going on and can answer the call in your facility as well. 

Nursing professionals who are going back for their Master’s degree in nursing will have additional skills and qualifications that will make them perfect for your company. No matter the position you need to fill, these professionals will be able to step in and help you get it done. Recruiting from nursing programs can be a great way to find them. 

Virtual Recruitment

Technology has played a big role for a lot of industries in our modern world, but the healthcare industry will need to step up in order to get the most out of technology. Virtual recruitment is a convenient route for many in this industry to fill some of the gaps in employment that their healthcare facilities have. 

Even though medical staff recruitment required a lot of face to face interviews and some discussions to look into the knowledge of the candidates, the pandemic made this very hard for a lot of people to do. 

Because of this, we are finding that for a lot of the basic staffing roles, virtual recruitment has become a more efficient method to fill open positions and it is likely that this will stick around for a long time to come.  

Getting the Healthcare Staff You Need

While more professionals are entering into the workforce each year, there are still quite a few openings that make it difficult for the facility to get some of the staff that they need. Take a look at some of the best healthcare staffing and recruiting trends of 2022 to see which ones will work best for you. 
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