Hearing Aids: 5 Tips to Extend Their Life

Although each of the five senses serves a different purpose, hearing is often regarded as the most valuable one which connects people with their surroundings. It is important for maintaining relationships and communication with others, fully participating in various activities, and experiencing life events.

Unfortunately, people’s hearing ability can decrease over time, making it more difficult for them to engage, listen and enjoy many of the things that shape their quality of life. Whether it is due to old age, prolonged exposure to loud noises, or a side effect of a serious medical condition, most individuals who suffer from some form of hearing impairment are prescribed hearing aids.

In general, hearing aids are a major investment in your health and wellness. As such, it is your main responsibility to take proper care of them so they can last longer and help you reap all the benefits they offer.

In this post, we share five tips to maintain your hearing aids as best as possible. 

Extend your battery life

No matter if your hearing aids run on rechargeable or disposable batteries, it is important that you do your best in extending their lifespan so your device can last longer. One way of doing so is to open the battery compartment whenever you take your hearing aids out of your ears. This will ensure that your device is turned off completely and that you aren’t draining power.

Also, don’t forget to have spare, high-quality hearing aid batteries at all times so you can use them if your old batteries stop working for any reason. 

Clean the device regularly

Probably the best way to make your hearing aids last longer is to clean them on a regular basis, preferably every day after using them. The thing is the device is exposed to dirt, dust, moisture, and earwax, all of which can affect the sound quality, clog the hearing aid, and impact its overall function. 

To clean your device, all you need is a soft, dry cloth and a small brush to remove dirt, earwax, and other residues. Also, don’t forget to clean the battery compartment by wiping the contact ports as well as the tubing once a week in warm water to perform deep cleaning.

Keep your hearing aids dry at all times

A common mistake many people often make when cleaning their hearing aids is that they immediately reattach all parts to the device right after cleaning them. However, this is wrong because moisture can damage hearing aids faster than anything else.

So, if you want to extend the lifespan of your device, it is imperative that you keep it dry at all times. For better results, you should also consider investing in an electronic hearing aid dryer or a dehumidifier to dry your hearing aids out fast and efficiently.

Replace worn-out parts

Depending on the type and style of hearing aids you own, there may be some parts that you can replace to improve the performance of your device and help it last longer.

For example, if you have a behind-the-ear hearing device, you can change the tube that runs from the hearing aid to the ear canal if it is damaged or cracked.

Another part you can replace is the filters covering the earpiece which may muffle the sound quality if they have a buildup of earwax. 

Get your hearing aids serviced

Despite all the precautionary measures you take to extend the life of your hearing aids, it is still recommended that you get your device professionally serviced at least once a year. This is because your hearing aids are made out of several parts which need to be maintained properly so they can all perform their functions without any hindrance.

In addition to allowing a professional to clean and maintain your device, you may also request that your hearing aid specialist re-calibrate your hearing aids to match your hearing loss if it has changed over time. 

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Final thoughts

Whether you suffer from mild, severe, or profound hearing loss, there is a great chance that your healthcare provider will prescribe hearing aids to improve your hearing ability. However, in order to get the most out of your device, it is important that you care for it properly by regularly cleaning it, replacing the batteries, and getting it serviced.

For more information, follow the tips from our post and learn how to extend the life of your hearing aids. 

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