arteries does the human body have

How many arteries does the human body have?

Our human body is made up of arteries, spread throughout our body. Thus, the  function of the arteries  is to carry blood from our heart to the rest of our body. For this reason, it is common to wonder  how many arteries we human beings have , what function they have or where each of them is located.

In total, there are  31  arteries in the human body , and we will find them from our head to our feet. Arteries are one of the blood vessels, along with veins and capillaries.

What are the arteries in the human body called?

Of all the arteries that we have in our body , these can be elastic, muscular, arterioles or capillaries. Elastics are considered the most important of all. This is the case of the aorta or carotid artery. The muscular ones are smaller in size. The arterioles for their part are the ones that directly influence our blood pressure. Finally, the capillaries have direct functions on the lungs, on the kidneys, on the intestine or on our tissues.

  • Aorta (ascending and descending), which is the most important of all, since it is the one that distributes and transports our blood to the rest of the arteries and is made up of oxygen.
  • Cerebral artery (anterior, middle and posterior).
  • Carotid artery (internal, external and common).
  • vertebral arteries.
  • intercostal arteries.
  • Gastric artery (left).
  • splenic artery.
  • Hepatic artery.
  • Subclavian artery.
  • Axillary artery.
  • Brachial artery (deep).
  • Mesenteric artery (inferior and superior).
  • gonadal arteries.
  • renal arteries.
  • Iliac artery (common, internal and external).
  • Femoral artery (circumflex, descending circumflex, common, deep and superficial).
  • perforating arteries.
  • Popliteal artery.
  • Dorsal metatarsal artery.
  • Dorsal digital arteries.
  • digital arteries.
  • Tibial artery (anterior and posterior).
  • Dorsal artery of the foot.
  • Peroneal artery.
  • Genicular artery (descending, inferior and superior).
  • radial artery.
  • ulnar artery.
  • Interosseous artery.
  • Epigastric artery (inferior and superior).
  • Radial recurrent artery.
  • Thoracic artery (internal).

In addition to this  set of arteries of the human body , this activity of the blood vessels is accompanied by the veins, including the pulmonary, cava or mesenteric veins.

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