How to get rid of hanging belly after c section?

How to get rid of hanging belly after c section?

Are you looking for a solution to the question “How To Get Rid Of A Hanging Belly After A C-section”? Following the pregnancy, there is the birthing procedure, which can be extremely difficult. While caring for your tiny angel, postpartum recovery can be a stressful time.

Even yet, some mothers have a difficult time adjusting to life after childbirth. Some people have trouble breastfeeding, while others have trouble losing baby weight and belly overhangs. You may have observed that you now have a hanging belly after pregnancy.

To minimise unwanted issues, it’s best to give your body some time to rest and recover. For example, speeding your postpartum recovery might result in significant postpartum bleeding, the opening of surgical incisions, and muscle and joint injuries.

How to get rid of mommy’s belly?

It is recommended that you breastfeed your child for at least 6 months. Exercising is usually a good strategy to lose weight. How quickly you remove that hanging belly after a c-section is mostly determined by your nutrition.

With a newborn baby, getting adequate sleep might be difficult, but it is critical. Your abdominal muscles are awakened during childbirth, and your doctor may advise you to use a postpartum support belt.

Do you experience sharp stabbing pain on the left side after the c section?

It’s possible that your c-section incision is extremely sensitive if you’re feeling a burning pain in and around it. The least touch may cause pain, and you may even feel electric shock sensations. The burning pain above c section incision can be caused by nerve damage.

A C-section operation can cause superficial pain, such as scorching sensation and hypersensitivity because the nerves are fragile and need time to repair. It could also result in nerve injury if stabbing pain is treated with nerve blocks and medicines.

The surgeon attempts to avoid injuring the nerves, which would result in superficial pain. However, because they are close to the border of the c-section incision, it is difficult to completely avoid them, and they may be somewhat harmed in the process.

What are the symptoms of nerve damage after the c section?

The following symptoms may suggest that little branches of your skin’s nerves have been damaged:

  • Around the scar and in the femoral or inner thigh, there is burning, shooting, stabbing, shocking, and searing pain.
  • External stimulation that would not be uncomfortable otherwise, such as water flowing down from a showerhead or shaving.
  • Numbness, burning, or tingling pain running down the outside of the thigh to the knee.
  • Tenderness on the abdomen’s sides.
  • Pain that radiates from your scar all the way to your back.

Nerve entrapment or injury may be the cause of discomfort if you’ve had these symptoms for more than 6 months.

How to get rid of c-section overhang without surgery?

There are a few options for removing a c-section overhang without surgery. Increasing physical activity is recommended. You should consume dietary essential fatty acids . Compression and full-body exercises are recommended. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

Reduce your intake of alcohol and sugar. Reduce your calorie consumption while also balancing your hormones.


It requires a combination of a nutritious diet, calorie reduction, and regular physical activity to lose weight. You can see changes in your postpartum belly if you work diligently and patiently.

Following a C-section, the recovery process will take time. Show yourself some love and compassion; your body is magnificent, and your tummy was recently home to your kid for the last 9 months

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