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Important Fact | How Often Should You Get Your Hair Highlighted

What woman does not like to have shiny and healthy hair? Who doesn’t want a shiny and silky hair color? Many women pay special attention to their hair and after dyeing it -especially with highlights- new challenges begin to maintain its shine, color and health. In this article we we are discussing about How Often Should You Get Your Hair Highlighted.

One of the first cares after doing highlights is to keep them in good condition by doing touch-ups, but how often should you do these touch-ups? How often should you do the highlights? In this One How To article we give you some tips so that you know the ideal frequency to make highlights.

Starting Highlights at the Bottom

Do you have some highlights but don’t know how often to touch up? The first thing you should assess is the root of your hair. The hair grows from one to two centimeters every month and for this you must take into account the color of the root: if you have lighter hair at the base, you can lengthen the maintenance process even more than if you had darker roots. If you choose to dye your hair completely instead of highlighting it, in this One How To article we tell you how to hide the root of the dye.

Gray Hair

The luckiest women who don’t need such urgent coloration are usually women with gray hair. Gray hair means that when the natural root of the hair appears, the color is not so different from that of the coloration, so an immediate visit to the hairdresser is not required to hide the root.

Being of a light tone, gray hair means that the highlights do not have to be done as frequently as other women in whom the root comes out dark. For hair with abundant gray hair, thin and fine wicks are recommended, preferably applied with a cap or comb.

highlights hair with abundant gray hair

Type Of Wicks

The important thing is to know the type of highlights you have. If they are very fine and abundant highlights throughout the hair, they will be more natural and therefore, by having a clear base or root, they will be hidden for longer. If they are thick highlights, made with the intention of contrasting tones, they should be touched up more frequently to avoid having very thick roots.

thick highlights


There are also some techniques that help lengthen the process of retouching the highlights. For example, if you have light-colored highlights, you can apply products such as chamomile that help maintain a light and bright color. But if you have another color in your hair, you can touch up the highlights with ammonia-free and very soft dyes that should be applied especially to the roots.

In addition, when you have highlights in your hair, it is recommended that you take into account a series of specific care that will help you make them appear brighter and healthier. In this One How To article we tell you how to take care of hair with highlights.

process of retouching the highlights

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  • Touching up or maintaining highlights is a matter of care. Put yourself in the hands of a professional to have a professional result.
  • California highlights are highlights that are made at the ends and therefore can be touched up less frequently or the ends can be trimmed.
  • Most professionals advise touching up the highlights after two months, when the hair has a root large enough to be noticed and an ideal time to inject more life into the hair.
  • Applying cream baths or protective ampoules to the hair is a good recommendation to keep it shiny and protected, especially after a treatment as powerful as bleaching or coloring.
  • Highlights are made with chemicals that can be harsh on your scalp if done too regularly. Be careful to do it in the most appropriate way.

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