vagina types

Overview of vagina types

There are some differences that can be noticed between the different vagina types. The vagina refers to the internal sex organ of the woman and the vulva to the external part. You can find an overview of some types here.                                  

One possible vagina type: The Barbie

This type of vagina is particularly narrow on the outside and tight on the inside.

  • The delicate vulva is mostly attributed to petite, slender women . They are said to have a narrow and small vulva.
  • The outer labia lie above the inner ones and are relatively symmetrical.
  • The tightness of this type of vulva ensures a particularly intense experience during intercourse.
  • However, the Barbie vulva is rather rare.

Another type: the bun vulva

This guy has big labia that look like they’re being baked.

  • The clitoris is also larger, and the overall vulva is softer and more voluminous than Barbie’s.
  • However, the inner labia are surrounded by the outer ones, just like the Barbie vulva.
  • However, this type is not so symmetrical.

The shaved vulva

Only since the 2000s has it become common for intimate hair to be shaved off.

  • The shaved vulva is either all or part of the area waxed or shaved .
  • Some partners prefer a shaved vulva. However, hair does not automatically mean that this vagina is unkempt. Intimate hair even protects the vulva from foreign objects.
  • However, every woman should decide for herself whether she shaves completely or only partially.

The natural guy

But the natural type is also back in fashion and should by no means be a cause for shame.

  • The natural vagina type is completely unshaven but not unkempt.
  • The unshaven vagina can have any shape, but it remains mostly covered.
  • There are a lot of different vagina types and a vulva cannot always be clearly assigned. Every vagina is individual and adorable.

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