Relax When Visiting Las Vegas

8 Ways to Relax and Recharge When Visiting Las Vegas

When making your Las Vegas itinerary, it is probably a lot of go, go, go. After all, your time in Sin City is likely short, and you don’t want to miss any of the thrilling spectacles that the city has to offer.

However, despite your most lofty ambitions, there will come a point when your body says no, no, no, and you will have to move some things around to avoid a complete crash. Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to enrich your Las Vegas experience while getting a little R and R. Keep reading for a list of 8 ways to relax and recharge when visiting Las Vegas. 

1. Enjoy Some Room Relaxation

It is understandable if you do not want to spend your entire Vegas experience locked up in your room. But the fact remains that you undoubtedly spent a pretty penny for your accommodations (thank you resort fees!), so if you are in need of a recharge, there is nothing wrong with getting a little return on this investment. Kick back and enjoy a movie  on your room’s high definition television, freshen up with a goat soap milk shower to moisturize your skin, and order a little room service to fuel your body for that next epic stretch on The Strip. 

2. Get an Electrolyte Boost

Whether you are staying in a hotel or vacation rental, a great way to take your room day to the next level is with an appointment with Las Vegas Mobile IV Therapy. Coming directly to your room, your hydration professional can customize your IV cocktail specifically to meet your body’s electrolyte needs. With the treatment lasting less than an hour, it is a great way to quickly give your body the nutrients it needs before the excesses of Vegas cause it to shut down completely. 

3. Go For a Swim

The beautiful aspect of Las Vegas’ warm climate is that it is pool season year round. Therefore, if you are in need of a slower paced day, taking a splash should definitely be at the top of your list. If you are staying at a resort, you more than likely have access to a pool directly on premises. However, if you are looking to experience one of the city’s more renowned venues, check out The Tank at the Golden Nugget and swim around marine life or the white sand beach at Mandalay Bay.

4. Grab a Cup of Tea

The English have made tea time famous as that late afternoon break to relax and refocus prior to finishing the day strong. Fortunately, you can apply this same concept to your Las Vegas experience. The Tea House at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel offers a slower-paced side of Vegas that many weary vacationers need to refocus and regroup. With a stunning selection of teas from around the world, a quaint and comfortably furnished interior, and glass windows spanning from floor to ceiling that directly overlook The Strip, the Tea House provides a great opportunity to slow down and sip after an extended stretch on the Las Vegas hustle. 

5. Get Some Exercise

Physical activity is a tried and true way of blowing off some steam and grounding yourself in reality. Whether you are frustrated from a bad beat on the casino floor, are trying to sweat out a night of excess, or simply want to ground yourself in a sense of your normal routine, getting in a workout is a great way to recharge while in Vegas. All of the leading resorts in the city have world-class fitness facilities. For those staying in vacation rentals, gyms and fitness centers abound (Gold’s Gym, Planet Fitness, etc.) to get a pump or join a class. Floyd Lamb Park and Bob Baskin Park are also a short distance from downtown for those who like to be outdoors when getting their exercise.

6. Explore Nature

Speaking of outdoors, many people probably don’t think of nature when it comes to the flashing neon lights of Vegas. However, for those who have to have a little flora and fauna as part of their revitalization routine, there are a surprising number of options in and around Sin City. As mentioned, you could go for a nice stroll at one of the many public parks in the city. If you have access to transportation, Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead are just a short drive away. And if you really have no desire to get off The Strip during your stay, The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat are a couple of in-resort options that provide vacationers with a stunning slice of nature.

7. Have a Spa Day

Many people fantasize over a relaxing massage or facial in their daily lives. However, most never take the time to get around to it. With dozens of world-class spas located across the city, your Vegas getaway is the perfect opportunity to cross the spa day off your to-do list to help you recharge for the back half of your vacation. Caesar Palace’s Qua Baths and Spas and The Spa at the Waldorf Astoria are two of the most popular spa destinations in Las Vegas, but you really can’t go wrong choosing whichever spa is most convenient for you.

8. Take In a Show

With the high-flying theatrics and stunning light displays, many people come to Vegas for the shows themselves. So if you are part of this crowd, a show may not qualify as relaxation. However, if you have been burning the midnight oil on the casino floor or dancing between any of Vegas’ renowned nightclubs, kicking back and appreciating the artistry of a Las Vegas show can be a highly relaxing and rewarding endeavor. 

Revitalize Your Las Vegas Experience With These 8 Relaxation Tips

Many people plan their Las Vegas vacation around the idea that they will be able to go 72 hours without sleep. Unsurprisingly, most of these people have to call an audible part-way through their stay. If you find yourself in this situation, you can still make the most of your Vegas experience with these 8 ways to relax and recharge when visiting Las Vegas!

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