Slate pencil eating benefits

Slate pencil eating benefits

Do you ever get a craving for a slate pencil or chalk? Or are you a chalk lover overall? If you’re still not sure whether it’s safe to eat slate pencils or whether they’re genuinely beneficial for you, read on. Then this article will assist you in better understanding slate pencils.

What are the advantages of eating slate pencils?

Slate Pencils have no nutritional value. Edible slate pencils have lately been developed for this purpose, despite the fact that they are unhealthy. Their benefits have yet to be proven. Always consult your doctor before eating chalk pencils.

If you’re looking for some slate pencil eating benefits, consider the following:

  • Slate pencils contain calcium, which helps to strengthen bones while also eroding tooth enamel.
  • If a person’s body is deficient in calcium, they may be tempted to eat edible chalks. (If you find yourself doing this, get medical counsel.)
  • Magnesium, which may be found in both chalk and slate pencils, helps the body’s phosphorus and calcium metabolism.
  • Calcium carbonate, which is found in slate pencils, can help to reduce heartburn.

Slate pencil eating side effects

If you’re wondering if we can eat slate pencils, these are some of the negative consequences to consider:

  • Damages the inside lining of the mouth or causes canker sores:

Eating slate pencils has mouth-related side effects. Chewing slate pencils hurts the inner lining of your mouth since they are completely insoluble in water. It also affects the taste buds, tongue, and mouth as a whole. As a result, you are unable to ingest spicy, hot, or sour foods or beverages.

  • Malnutrition in your child

 Eating chalks will cause malnutrition in your child in the future. Slate pencils include a number of hazardous ingredients, including carbon and lead, which are bad for your baby’s health.

  • Pain in the belly and vomiting

 This is a normal occurrence during pregnancy. No, the toxic compounds found in chalks are to blame for the discomfort ( obviously, if you are not eating chalks, the belly pain is natural)

How to stop eating slate pencils?

Pica, which has no effective cure, is the habit of eating anything inedible and non-nutritive, such as a slate pencil.

Follow these tips to learn how to stop eating slate pencils:

  • Make an attempt to keep track of when you have the temptation to eat slate pencils.
  • During those moments, keep yourself engaged.
  • At those times, chew on nuts and seeds to keep yourself occupied.
  • Determine whether you’re eating slate pencils because of a dietary deficiency, boredom, a random craving, or an untreated mental illness.
  • Consult your doctor.

What are the diseases caused by eating slate pencils?

Eating slate pencils or chalk can induce a variety of illnesses. Some are minor, but others have serious long-term consequences for the body.

  • Acidity (acute)
  • Prolonged chest pain that is mild, moderate, or severe.
  • Ulcer in the Mouth
  • Tooth Decay
  • Sores from cancer
  • Acute and chronic renal failure – kidney stones
  • Heartburn that is unbearable
  • There are parasites in the abdomen.
  • Anal fissure, haemorrhoids, and rectal prolapse are all symptoms of acute constipation.


Slate pencils have become somewhat of a fad in recent years. People are eating slate pencils like chocolates, it’s true. Slate pencils, chalk, raw rice, and fuller’s earth are among the inedible items that many individuals become addicted to eating.

Although slate pencils provide health benefits such as strengthening bones and assisting in the body’s phosphorus metabolism and calcium absorption, you should not use them excessively.

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