Variable Resistance Training

Reasons to Include Variable Resistance Training in Your Workout

For those who would like to add in a challenge to their workouts or add in some intensity, then utilizing variable resistance training is going to be a good choice. This is a popular trend in the fitness industry and will help you to take any fitness routine up to the next level in no time. 

With VRT, you will add in chains or resistance bands to your lifts, making it a bit tougher and ensuring that you are allowed to work the muscles in new ways. There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to do variable resistance training in any workout, but some of the top benefits include:

Helps Prevent Injuries

For anyone who has spent their time lifting, it is likely that you or someone you know has gotten injured at the gym. As beneficial as strength training can be, if you do not lift the weights properly, it is likely that these injuries will occur. With the help of variable resistance training, you will be able to provide the muscles with a chance to gain strength without injury. 

Without VRT, you will often only gain strength when you are at the lockout. This is why a lot of injuries are going to happen. With variable resistance training, you will be able to gain strength in the muscles through each portion of the lift, making you stronger without having to worry about injuries. 

Because you are working to strengthen the muscles at all parts of the lift, you are less likely to overstrain one muscle group at any point in the workout. With the help of the resistance bands or chains, you will be able to naturally take your time in the lift, which will help with your balance and form, things that are really good for the muscles. 

Get Through Your Plateaus

Get Through Your Plateaus

One part of strength training that can be frustrating is when you make a lot of great progress for months, and then all of your gains and improvements begin to stagnate and you aren’t able to see the benefits any longer

When you first start with strength training, you will see a lot of progress at a fairly rapid pace, When the progress seems like it comes to a speeding half, it can be even more frustrating. Plateaus are bound to happen when you are working out, but you can utilize variable resistance training to help out. 

Variable resistance training is unique in that it will help to activate muscles that may be stagnant during other workouts. Because you work out some new muscles, you are more likely to notice the strength and growth quickly after adding them into the routine. You will be able to blast through those plateaus and see great results. 

Improved Balance and Flexibility

Improved Balance and Flexibility

When you lift the heavy weights, it means that you must have a stable platform and stay balanced to get the work done. Using the resistance bands when you do the movement can help you improve your balance due to your focus on keeping the band or chain level and even as you do the lift. 

Resistance bands will be great when it is time to improve your flexibility as you isolate muscle groups that may not be used much in traditional lifting movements. As you gain strength, it aids in flexibility and mobility all in one, giving you the very best while you work out. 

Helps You Incorporate New Muscles Groups and Movements

When you add in variable resistance training, you will bring in some new movements and muscles that you may not have used in the past. This will make you stronger and helps you to get the best results compared to just doing strength training and other similar exercises along the way. 

When you place a resistance band will give you more of the power that you need and can help aid in your workout, no matter what you would like to accomplish. These bands are going to add some variety and interest to any workout routine, even one that is starting to feel a little stale. And it adds in some challenges at the gym, helping you reach your goals. 

Adds Power and Speeds to the Lift

Have you ever gone to the gym and seen someone who has a lot of weight on a bar do it without a struggle? Watching this kind of explosive lift can be impressive. To succeed in that goal, the lifter has likely been adding resistance training to the workout routine to help them out. 

There is a good deal of research that shows how adding in variable resistance training to the workout will help you to increase the speed that the weight moves at as well as the force of the movement at the same time. 

Anyone who has spent some time lifting knows how great the endorphin rush can be when they do a heavy lift. Using resistance bands can help you get there. These bands are going to help you to challenge the muscles and the body, right at the area where the lift is the heaviest, in time adding a lot more power to the muscles that you are using. 

When you are able to add in more power, it means that your lifts will become more explosive over time. Because the bands will add tension in at the hardest part o the lift, the body will use the muscles in overdrive, which can add more strength as. You work on the lift too. 

Choosing to Add Variable Resistance Training to Your Workout

There are a lot of different fitness trends that you are able to follow based on what you would like to workout and your own fitness needs. variable resistance training can be the perfect way to see results and help prevent injuries at the same time. Take a look at some of the benefits of variable resistance training to see if it is right for you.

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