Ways Stress and Anxiety can Affect Your Life

Ways Stress and Anxiety can Affect Your Life

Stress is a very large part of the world we live in today. It is hard to avoid all of the stress that can come up, from our work to dealing with our children and spouse, and all the things that we need to get done during the day. There is an unlimited number of sources that can cause us stress, and it doesn’t take long for it to take over. 

However, stress is powerful and can start to wreak havoc on our thoughts, minds, and even our health if we are not careful. Some of the different ways that stress and anxiety can affect our lives in a negative manner includes:


For many years, insomnia was treated as a stand-alone problem that had to do more with the body not producing enough chemicals to help you fall asleep or to allow you to stay asleep all night long. While some people may still have problems with those chemicals, the issue may be with the amount of stress you feel. 

It is sometimes hard for the brain to shut off when you have already dealt with a lot of stress during the day. And if you are anxious about some of the events that will happen the next day or the negative interactions that you had, then it is very difficult to get the healthy sleep that your body needs. 

Poor Anger Management

If you have suddenly noticed that you feel angry over the smallest things, especially if you are not known for having a big temper otherwise, then it could be that you are feeling anxiety and stress in your life. It is hard for most to pinpoint the emotional regulation struggles they have and relate them back to stress, but stress is closely linked to our emotional regulation. 

If it seems that the smallest issues are making you lose your cool all the time, then this is a big sign that stress and anxiety are starting to take over your life. You may be more stressed out than you realized before. Working with New York City stress therapy will help you to work on your anger and make it easier to manage. 

Headaches or Chest Pains

Frequent chest pains and severe headaches could be a sign that stress and anxiety are present in your life. If these have gotten bad enough that you want to head to the doctor, then you should consider whether they are more related to the stress that you have. The physical symptoms may not be limited to just chest pains and headaches to look for other signs too. 

When you have some physical symptoms that don’t relate back to a known health condition, then the likely culprit will be your levels of anxiety and stress. These symptoms are not going to respond to the treatments you give them and you will need to turn around and address the source of the anxiety or stress to see some results. 

The best way to deal with these headaches and chest pains is to talk to a therapist to see what they can do to help. Therapy sessions can be key to helping you to address the issues you have with stress and anxiety, aiding you in finding a solution that will heal you and make things a little easier. 

Fears That are Unexplained

Fears That are Unexplained

Some people who go through a lot of anxiety and stress will often feel that there is something bad about to happen to them for no reason. They may not be able to point out anything specific in their lives or environment that would cause them to feel this way, but they will go through the day on edge because they just know something bad is about to happen. 

Fears that have nothing to link them to the external environment are not normal, but they can happen when there is a lot of stress or anxiety going on in your life. You may be able to talk yourself out of the fear and you may recognize that it is not founded on occasion. 

However, this is something that will not go away just by wishing for it. Since it is related back to the amount of stress that you have, you need to get rid of the stress in order to get rid of some of the fear. Working with a good counselor will make a big difference and can help you take care of your health and make those fears go away

Weight Gain

If you spend a good deal of time working out but you still can’t lose weight, it may be time to consider that there is something else at play rather than just the diet and exercise plan that you go with. In some cases, the amount of stress and anxiety you have will affect whether you will lose weight or not. 

Stress is powerful enough that it will allow us to create more cortisol, which will then allow the body to store more fat. This is going to be a survival mechanism that will stem from our past, where humans needed to be able to handle longer periods of time with lack of food due to the harsh weather. 

While we no longer have some of the same issues with lack of food, our body will try to hold onto those extra pounds because it thinks we need them when we feel stressed out. We do not need our bodies to do this, they will continue to do so and can make it hard to lose weight. 

Getting the Relief You Need

Stress and anxiety are going to take over your life and can make it difficult to stay healthy or get a lot done during the day. When you feel like stress and anxiety are starting to take over your life, it is important to look for stress therapist to help give you some relief and make your life a little better.

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