best nail shape for fat fingers

Which nail shape suits you best

They make fat fingers appear narrower, give the manicure an individual look and ensure a well-groomed appearance even without polish. Nail shapes determine the look of our hands to a large extent. But which nail shape suits you?

Best nail shape for fat fingers

Here you can find best nail shape for short fat fingers:

Almond nail shape: subtle

The nail should extend beyond the nail bed so that you can file the shape without problems. It makes your fingers look slimmer and more feminine – and we all want that, don’t we?

These nail polish colors go particularly well: pastel shades such as baby blue, pink or mint green.  

Almond nail shape
  • Who can wear the nail form? Narrow fingers in particular benefit from the almond shape, as this shape again clearly emphasizes its delicacy.
  • If you have rather wide fingers and short nails, it is better to use other nail shapes; the pointed almond shape makes the proportions seem bulky.
  • How do you file them? The side walls of the nails are first filed straight and rounded in the upper third to a point – in the shape of a small almond.

Ballerina nail shape: striking 

In order for the look to work, your nails must be longer than the nail bed and the nail tips must be filed straight. Your fingers will not only appear narrower, but also longer. 
These nail polish colors go particularly well: dark and berry red tones

  • Who can wear the nail form? If your fingers and nails are too narrow, it is often difficult to achieve the nail shape with the narrow, straight tip. Normal or even wide fingers, which are optically stretched and slimmer due to the ballerina look, are therefore better suited.
  • How do you file them? Ballerina nails are filed like almond-shaped nails and finally straightened at the tip with a horizontal file guide.
Ballerina nail shape

Best nail shape for Short and narrow fingers

What nail shape looks best on short chubby fingers?

Squoval nail shape: discreetly

angular and yet round? This works out!
The nail edge is filed straight and the corners are rounded, making the look softer and more natural.
Long nails also make your fingers look longer.
These nail polish colors go particularly well: earth tones 

Stiletto nail shape: eye-catching

Obtainable without a gun license and makes short fingers longer.
So that the nails can be brought into a pointed shape, they must be long enough.
Caution: A nail shape for advanced users, otherwise you may not be able to get the credit card out of your wallet or you may accidentally injure yourself.
These nail polish colors go particularly well: gray tones

Best nail shape for Long and fat fingers

Round nails shape: subtle

This shape attracts less attention, but with the right color it can also become an eye- catcher. The nails should not be too long, otherwise your fingers will appear fuller. 
These nail polish colors go particularly well: shades of red 

Lipstick nail shape: eye-catching

This unusual look takes time and a practiced hand, because the slope has to be filed very accurately. But the effort is worth it: the nails appear narrower and it just looks great! 
These nail polish colors go particularly well: lilac and taupe

  • Who can wear the nail form? Round filed nails basically suit every woman. If you have rather fat fingers, then the nail should not be too short, so that the overall picture does not appear compressed. Round nails look best in a medium length, when they protrude slightly past the fingertips.
  • How do you file them? Evenly round nails are filed by first beveling the side walls of the nail slightly, then filing the tip straight and then filing the hard contours into a soft, continuous line.
Lipstick nail shape

Best nail shape for Long and narrow fingers: 

Oval nail shape: subtle

A simple variant with glamour. It is similar to the almond shape, but gives the nail more fullness. At most, the nails should reach just above the nail bed, otherwise the fingers will appear longer. 
These nail polish colors go particularly well nude tones

  • Who can wear the nail form? Since the oval shape visually stretches the nails, it makes wide fingers appear narrower and filigree fingers even more delicate. However, be careful with short and wide nails; here the oval shape can look inappropriate and even optically widen the nail.
  • How do you file them? First the side walls of the nails are filed straight. Then the nail is gently rounded off at the tip.
Oval nail shape

Angular nails: eye-catching

May we introduce: The most commonly worn nail shape in the world. Goes perfectly with French nails and takes the wiry look away from long fingers. Your nails should be at least longer than the nail bed. 
These nail polish colors go particularly well: dark shades such as black and aubergine. 

You should pay attention to this when filing your nail

  • Do not saw: In order to prevent the nails from splintering, the file should always be guided in one direction only – preferably from the outside inwards. You can read here what helps against brittle nails.
  • Little pressure: Also, to protect against splintering, only file with little pressure. Hold the file loosely between your thumb and forefinger. The pressure you exert with it is sufficient. Broken nail anyway? 
  • Caution, wet: Nails also easily splinter if you file them when they are wet. So always let it dry well first.
  • Sandpaper files: The gentlest way to file nails is with a sandpaper file. Ideally, this has different grits, so that the nails are shortened and filed into shape with the coarsest grits and then only the contours are worked on with the finer grits.

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