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Why Should You Use Light Wheelchair While Travelling

Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, going on a trip with a heavy chair, especially if it’s an electric wheelchair, could be stressful, you should use Light Wheelchair While Travelling. Unfortunately, the world is not as accessible as we would like it to be, and moving around with a large chair is more difficult in unfamiliar environments.

For this reason, many people consider using a lightweight wheelchair for travel whether it is domestic or international. You could discover that some aspects of your trips are simply more manageable if you have someone to push you or if you can buy a self-propelling light wheelchair and move it yourself.

What is the Difference Between a Standard and Light Wheelchair?

Although these wheelchairs have the same appearance and functionality, the weight and weight capacities will differ significantly. Standard wheelchairs are made of hard steel that is incredibly durable, and the majority of them are coated with protective chrome or paint that makes them rust-resistant and long-lasting. However, traveling with such a heavy wheelchair can be difficult.

Light wheelchairs (available in foldable and rigid frame varieties), on the other hand, are typically composed of lightweight aluminum or titanium, making them much lighter and easier to propel than standard wheelchairs. These features make it ideal for traveling. Light wheelchairs also have more adjustments and are easier to personalize with different colors and design options.

Benefits of Using Light Wheelchair While Travelling

Light wheelchairs make traveling much easier for both users and caretakers, and here’s how:

1.      Transportation Ease

A lightweight chair can transport people of all ages with restricted movement.  The chair is light and portable due to its collapsible structure. As a result, it is excellent for moving up and down stairs and steps. You can raise it for quick and easy transfer, whether traveling by car, bus, or plane.

You’ll also need to be able to disassemble your chair unless you have a car that has been modified for wheelchairs. If your chair is lightweight, it will be quicker and easier for anyone to fold and store it because it will be smaller and easier to handle.

This function will also make checking a wheelchair at a gate easier (which is often necessary). If you are using a standard wheelchair, this process might be time-consuming because you must wait for the chair to be delivered to the destination. On the other hand, a light wheelchair can be carried on board.

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2.      Encourages Independence in Daily Activities

Having access to a light wheelchair may boost independence. Users can explore more opportunities and feel free when they can put their wheelchairs in a vehicle or on public transportation. Many conditions could force you to use a wheelchair permanently. However, you can still establish your independence and exercise personal authority.

The most recent models even include add-ons like lap trays and drink holders. Lightweight chairs can be customized to fit each user’s needs and everyday activities. Additionally, with the help of this sturdy chair, users may participate in routine activities with friends and family.

3.       Enables Self-Propulsion

Your light wheelchair is simple to move around due to the large wheels at the back. This wheelchair is lightweight, responds to lighter touches, and is considerably simpler to handle in tight situations. Because of its mobility, steering is more precise and smoother.

wheelchair Enables Self-Propulsion

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4.      Offers Many Features

Light wheelchairs have a lot of functions. These improve their comfort and usability, which are necessary while traveling. Make sure to check the attributes of the chair before purchasing them. These features consist of:

·         Leg Rests

Your light wheelchair’s leg rests can swing away or click off. Additionally, it could be regular, sitting, or elevating. Leg rests that elevate can benefit individuals with circulation issues or certain types of injuries.

·         Armrests

Typically, armrests come in full-length or desk-length options. Desk-length armrests are ideal if you use the chair for sitting at a desk or table. Verify whether the armrests are fixed or adjustable. When transferring to a bathroom while traveling, armrests that can rise and fall are helpful.

·         Cushioning

While getting the light wheelchair, you can ask for extra padding for the seat. The seating can also be improved by installing shock absorbers on the framework.

·         Safety Features

You may want to consider safety features for your light wheelchair, depending on your posture and level of movement. It is advisable to get anti-tip guards for the back if you are propelling yourself, as it will keep you from flipping your chair back.

5.      Storage Efficiency

One of the significant benefits of the lightweight chair is its ability to fold up for convenient storage in small places. It reduces the amount of space needed for daily living. Additionally, your chair can be quickly retrieved for travel.

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Light wheelchairs are by far the most common travel mobility alternatives. They have substantial back wheels and a push rim to allow users to propel themselves. They are more robust and comfortable than transit seats, and they may include swing-away footrests and armrests.

You can also seek guidance from your healthcare professional on specific criteria before purchasing a chair. Look for long-standing retailers with good reputations for quality, service, and dependability. Doing this ensures that the chair you choose meets your exact mobility, convenience, and durability requirements.

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