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3 Factors That Can Help You In Buying Delta 8 Carts

Delta-8 THC vapes hit the cannabis market in late 2019 but managed to dominate the market, given delta-8’s position as the current darling cannabinoid. Cannabis consumers love delta-8 THC for its mild psychoactive effects and more so for being the first federally legal THC-dominant product.

However, the extraction process utilized to recover delta-8 THC isolate is expensive, and few brands can afford it. Consequently, product test results conducted in one lab report showed that most delta-8 THC vapes feature misleading labels. Therefore, below is a delta-8 THC vape cart buyers’ guide to help you avoid buying inferior quality carts.

Consider Brand Reputation

Many cannabis brands wasted no time launching their delta-8 vape carts after the first carts premiered in 2019. However, not all brands are customer-centric, prioritizing consumer experiences and safety. Therefore, you must protect yourself and your hard-earned money from brands that do not care for your wellbeing.

Reading consumer reviews can help you identify brand reputations and their specialty products. For instance, if you want to buy delta 8 carts for recovery, consumer reviews can direct you to the top brands stocking such products.

However, brand reputation leverages a brand’s end-to-end consumer experience. End-to-end experiences encompass everything from website intuitiveness to doorstep delivery and after sale services. Therefore, research beyond a few product recommendations and establish brand information about the following pertinent factors.

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Product Quality

Establish whether the brand’s delta-8 vape carts deliver desirable effects; for instance, does the product’s potency match the delta-8 content listed on the packaging? Second, do the brand’s vape flavor options taste as advertised or have awful notes that consumers would instead not try again? Delta-8 vape cart flavors can make or break your vaping experience.

Satisfaction Guarantees

Trustworthy delta-8 THC vape cartridge brands believe in their products and offer consumers satisfaction, including money-back guarantees. Moreover, such brands also have clear instructions on product return procedures, including qualifying conditions, who pays for the return package, and how long the entire process takes. However, you can read consumer reviews to establish whether a brand fulfills such guarantees.

Shipping Policies

Some brands promise timely delivery services but fail to deliver on time or have numerous complaints about their packages arriving while damaged. You can establish such patterns from consumer reviews. Also, avoid brands that claim to deliver their delta-8 carts to all US states because the cannabinoid is a regulated substance in 13 states.

Customer Service Experience

Reputable Delta-8 brands prioritize customer experience and have multiple communication channels allowing you to reach out to their customer service team. Moreover, they hire customer service teams with adept product knowledge and can match your needs to specific delta-8 vape cart profiles on their product catalog.

On-page consumer reviews on brand websites are the primary source for consumer reviews for insight into the brand’s reputation. However, incidents of some brands using bots to post positive reviews to bolster brand image are common.

Therefore, you can consider off-page independent brand reviews posted on cannabis forums like social media groups. Alternatively, consider reading brand reviews on online review platforms and brand search engine star ratings.

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Consider The Ingredients Used In The Delta-8 Cartridge’s E-liquid

A delta-8 cartridge’s quality lies significantly in the quality of the ingredients used to make the vape. Therefore, read through the ingredients list and research unfamiliar ingredients to establish their role in the formula and safety factors.

Moreover, avoid brands that withhold ingredient information on online product descriptions as this is a tell-tale sign that they include ingredients they would rather you didn’t know. Regardless, below is a checklist for evaluating the ingredient quality in a delta-8 cartridge.

Establish Hemp Source and Quality

Consider purchasing delta-8 cartridges made using delta-8 isolate extracted from US-grown hemp because the US Department of Agriculture regulates hemp cultivation practices in the US.

The federal regulatory body approves hemp farmers for licenses and conducts pre-harvesting investigations.  Such investigations entail hemp farmers submitting samples to a DEA-registered lab for THC testing, ensuring the hemp plants have a THC content below 0.3%, as stipulated in the 2018 Farm Bill. Moreover, the department oversees and regulates pesticide application, ensuring farmers adhere to the stipulated chemical threshold.

Nonetheless, not all US-grown hemp is equal in quality. Some brands exclusively source 100% organic, chemical-free, non-GMO hemp to make their delta-8 vape carts. However, any brand making such claims should have valid certifications from relevant bodies.

Consider Cannabinoid Content

The delta-8 THC extraction process is expensive; therefore, most brands mix the delta-8 extract in their vape carts with other cannabinoids. Trustworthy brands list the delta-8 THC isolate content used in the vape cart as a percentage, allowing you to choose the ratio that works for you.

Cutting Agents and Flavor Additives

Most delta-8 vape cartridges feature cutting agents like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). The cutting agents are odorless, flavorless food-grade additives that enhance vapor and flavor production vape cartridges. Delta-8 carts with a high VG content are ideal for “cloud chasing,” while those with a higher PG ratio produce deeper flavor.

However, delta-8 carts containing zero cutting agents are available for consumers who prefer all-natural vapes. Moreover, you can also choose between vapes featuring artificial flavors and cartridges flavored using natural plant juices and terpenes.

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Buy Lab-tested Delta-8 THC Cartridges

Besides the pre-harvest tests that the Department of Agriculture conducts, trustworthy delta-8 THC brands submit their vape carts to independent government-certified labs for testing. Third-party lab tests are vital because product contamination can occur post-harvesting.

State governments also demand independent lab testing for delta-8 THC vapes and other cannabis products. For instance, California State cannabis regulation laws stipulate that cannabis retail products undergo independent batch testing for 100 contaminants, including 66 pesticides.

Besides pesticides, third-party lab tests also test for mold and mildew, heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbes. Moreover, the tests also examine vape liquid ingredients to ensure that the cannabinoid content, composition, and potency listed on the vape cart’s packaging are accurate.

The third-party lab generates a certificate of analysis (COA) or lab report that you can access via its website or issue scannable QR codes that redirect you to the COA. Therefore, only purchase lab-tested delta-8 vape cartridges.


The easiest way to sift through the vast delta-8 THC vape carts available on the market and find a product that gives you value for money is to focus on quality. Therefore, follow the delta-8 cart buyers’ guide above to identify products that deliver a safe yet fulfilling vaping experience.

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