Bruise after insect bite

Bruise after insect bite: cause and what to do

A bruise after an insect bite indicates the black fly. Although the bruise from bug bite species are usually not dangerous, they cause more severe symptoms than conventional mosquito bites.

Bruise after insect bite: black fly bite

During mosquito season, it is not uncommon to find an itchy, swollen bug bite on your body. If a bruise develops at the bite site, a certain type of mosquito is usually responsible for this: the black fly.

  • Blackflies tend to stay near grazing livestock, which are their preferred hosts.
  • While other mosquitoes bite to suck blood, the black fly bites a very small wound in the skin and drinks the blood that collects there.
  • To keep the blood from clotting, the mosquito secretes a secretion that also means that you don’t feel much of the bite until the mosquito flies away.
  • Although the injury is very small, it often leaves a bruise. As with the bites of other mosquitoes, slight swelling, redness and itching are also typical. Those affected suffer more often from mild pain than from other mosquito bites.
  • Bruising after a mosquito bite can also occur if you scratch the area very hard.

Home remedies or doctor’s visit for hematoma after insect bite

The bite of the black fly and the bite of other mosquito species is usually harmless. While insects only rarely transmit diseases in this country, scratching the wound can often cause infections.

  • After an insect bite, cool the affected area. This relieves the itching and any pain. It also limits the size of the resulting bruise.
  • Also cool on the following days if the itching is very severe. In addition to cooling pads, cooling gels or a cortisone ointment from the pharmacy are also suitable for insect bites.
  • If you have already scratched, clean the wound with plain water. In the worst case, an uncleansed wound can lead to blood poisoning.
  • If severe symptoms such as fever, chills, vomiting and circulatory problems occur after the bruise from bug bite or insect bite with a bruise, visit a doctor instead of relying on home remedies.

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