Adjustable Gastric Balloon System Overview

Adjustable Gastric Balloon System Overview

One of the biggest issues on the planet is obesity or being overweight. You can easily locate many nearby people affected by these irritating problems, ranging from young children to elderly individuals. More than 1.4 billion persons worldwide are currently dealing with this health condition, according to a poll. These health disorders can arise for various reasons, including excessive eating, lack of activity, hereditary factors, and many more. Let’s discuss Adjustable Gastric Balloon System overview.

One of the main causes of various illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension, is thought to be obesity. According to health professionals, losing five to ten percent of one’s body weight effectively postpones or prevents diabetes and other health problems.’

Everyone wants to lose weight, but not every patient is a candidate for the safe and efficient weight reduction therapies currently available. Learn about gradual weight loss. Spatz Medical has offered you a fantastic alternative to help you overcome your obesity.

What is an Adjustable Gastric Balloon system?

Spatz Medical uses soft saline or air-filled balloons precisely positioned in the stomach as a temporary weight loss option. The same aids in providing patients with a sense of satiety and limitation, discouraging overeating. Any balloon that is injected into the patient’s stomach typically has a volume of 400 ml or more. This alters the gut’s motility, which helps the patient lose weight.

The only adjustable gastric balloon in the world, this cutting-edge device offers the best success story and weight loss rates.

The Adjustable Gastric Balloon System: Why Use It?

Every time we discuss the initial treatment of obesity, we always refer to lifestyle intervention. Everyone who wants to lose weight is advised on the best food, exercise, sleep, and weight reduction objectives. By creating a sense of satiety and restriction, the gastric weight reduction balloon is the ideal tool for compelling patients to eat.

Why Are Gastric Balloons Used?

The main goal of using a gastric balloon system is to aid in weight loss or weight maintenance.

By combining the following techniques, gastric balloons typically assist someone in losing weight.

1. Filling you Up – The balloons significantly increase the amount of space in a person’s stomach, which reduces their need for eating. Put another way; they enable a person to feel satisfied even after consuming a tiny amount of food.

2. Delaying Digestion – Gastric balloons that may be adjusted speed up the process by which food is broken down and utilized by the body. These balloons accomplish this by giving the body more time to digest and absorb the food completely.

What benefit does an adjustable balloon offer?

It can be quite helpful to have the option of adding or removing fluid from your balloon because it allows you to make the most of the balloon. Your doctor might advise a change if:

  • Your appetite is heightened
  • As you get used to the balloon, your portion sizes grow.
  • Your rate of weight loss stalls
  • You need less fluid since you are experiencing balloon-related symptoms or adverse effects.


The body continuously stores enough fat for use as fuel while you’re starving. Sadly, some fat accumulates and causes issues if it isn’t removed. Gastric balloons can help you lose weight more quickly than just dieting or exercising alone. We are concerned about the safety of the adjustable balloon system (ABS), which is more adaptable to changes after being implanted with sufficient weight loss.

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