Best eye makeup tips for summer

Best Eye Makeup Tips for Summer

Summers and fun popping colours go hand in hand. Imagine a warm breezy summer day out with your girls and you are wearing pretty floral prints. For all things this much fun, your makeup needs to be super fun as well. Summer is all about adding funky pinks, ombres, peaches, greens, and definitely a few hints of red.

Let’s take a look at a few fun eye makeup ideas for summer and some easy makeup tips to keep you sorted.


Since summer is all about picking bright and vibrant colours, it is important that these colours show when you apply. Hence, your summer eye shadow is incomplete without your concealer. Your concealer not only creates a canvas for your eye shadow, but it also makes your eye shadow colours pop. Make sure your concealer shade is a tone lighter than your skin tone. This will help you in achieving a white base. A nicely blended white base is what will make your bright eye shadow colours pop. So, summer eyeshadow looks or not, never skip out on your concealer for a flawless eye makeup finish. If you don’t have a light-shaded concealer, then make sure you keep one in your eye shadow kit.  

Keep it simple

Summers are not all about fun and colours, summers can get really hot and exhausting. So, it is super wise to keep your makeup simple, especially if you have oily skin. Make sure you cleanse your skin well and follow it up with a moisturizer or a serum that is specially meant for oily skin. Next, prep your skin with a primer and let it set. You can apply your concealer as your next and final step or you can even finish off with a compact powder.

For your eyes, since you are keeping it simple, you can either wear only your kohl kajal or any other coloured kajal. Or simply just rock it in bold eyeliner. You can even use your liquid eyeliner to create different eyeliner styles and instantly elevate your simple look.

Ombre & Pinks

This is one of the coolest eye makeup looks that you can try this summer if you want a natural summer eye makeup look. There are two types of summer eyeshadow looks that you can create using these colour tones.

The first one is, prep your eyelids like you would, using your eye crème and then your primer and finishing it off with your concealer. Next take your peach lip and cheek tint or your peach lipstick and apply it all over your lid. Blend it out like your eye shadow and then take the shade Dreamy Pink from Iba’s Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick range. Take an angled brush or an eyeliner brush and use this pink liquid lipstick like your eyeliner to complete your look. And you are done! Don’t forget to apply the same peachy shade on your lower lash line.

The next look that you can create in a similar ombre tone is a shimmery one. Take a shimmery eye shadow and apply it all over your lid. You can even use a highlighter. Next, take the Sheer Peach tint from Iba’s Must Have Lip & Cheek Tint and start applying it like an eyeliner from the inner corner of your eyelids till the centre of your eyelid. Next, take the shade Party All Day from Iba’s Ultra Matte Transfer Proof lipstick and apply it like your eyeliner. Start applying from the point where you stopped applying your peach tint and pull it outwards and create a wing. Finish off by brushing off the same pink shade on your lower lash line. And done!

Tip for no smudges

No matter how awesome your eye makeup products are, the crazy summer heat tends to melt them down at some point or surprisingly sometimes. For these unfortunate times, it is wise to be prepared. For times like these, always carry your compact powder and a few facial tissues in your bag. Whenever you feel like your skin is feeling oily and there is no place to freshen up, just dab your tissue all over your face gently. Make sure you don’t rub or wipe, just mildly dab it. This is to soak up all the excess oil and sebum from your face. Next, take your compact powder and apply it all over your face and neck. This will set your makeup and it will also make your face look fresh.

Another hack is, to take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and dip it in your compact powder and brush it off on your lower lash line after applying your kajal. This will keep your kajal in place without smudging. 

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