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White Cranberry Juice: Effects of Cranberry Juice at a Glance

Cranberries are light to dark red berries that are mainly grown in the USA and Canada and are available as fresh fruits in this country in the fall. They reach the size of a cherry and have a tart, sour taste. When it comes to juice, cranberries are usually only known as an ingredient in cocktails, although the red berries have many health benefits. We will discuss “is diet cranberry juice healthy?” in this article.

What Makes Cranberry Juice So Healthy

What does cranberry juice help with? Cranberries are real vitamin bombs because they contain pro-vitamin A, vitamin C and K, as well as the trace elements sodium, zinc, phosphorus and boron. That’s not all, because cranberry juice is also rich in valuable antioxidants and secondary plant substances (flavonoids and proanthocyanidins). A highly effective mix of ingredients that provide the body with all-round protection and fight various diseases. Since the berries are only available fresh once a year and their taste is not always appealing, taking a juice (or taking supplements) is much easier. Because just 500 ml of cranberry juice a day could already have positive effects on our health. 

The effects of white cranberry juice at a glance:

1. Cranberry juice strengthens the immune system

The red berries are real vitamin C bombs and strengthen the entire immune system with this ingredient. Fever, coughs and colds can prevent by drinking cranberry juice regularly. The berry also has the property of stimulating the body’s production of acetylsalicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory compound commonly found in aspirin tablets.

2. Cranberry Drink for cystitis

It’s a well-known home remedy: cranberries help against cystitis – but why is that? The secret is antibacterial bitter substances called proanthocyanidins, which fight the strain of bacteria that usually causes bladder infections. They prevent these bacteria from entering the body’s cells and also prevent inflammation. So, cranberry drink is a great natural alternative to antibiotics for anyone who suffers from cystitis regularly.

3. Cranberry juice for better oral hygiene

It’s one of the lesser-known effects of cranberries, but its juice can also improve oral hygiene. The berries can inhibit the settling of bacteria on mucous membranes (same effect as in cystitis) as well as bacterial plaque and thus protect against bad breath, tooth decay and receding gums. It is not for nothing that cranberries are often found in the ingredients of mouthwashes & Co.   

4. Cranberry juice for cardiovascular problems

The anti-inflammatory properties of cranberry drinks are also beneficial for the heart. The red berry not only protects the organ from dangerous inflammation but also increases the “good” HDL cholesterol level in the blood when consumed regularly. It is the antagonist to the “bad” LDL cholesterol, which affects the cardiovascular system and can cause diseases in this area.  

5. Cranberry Juice for Margin Gut Issues

Anyone who drinks 250 ml of cranberry juice twice a day for three months should be able to reduce their risk of stomach ulcers and stomach cancer. A Chinese study confirmed this from 2005. The berry juice fights the responsible bacterium Helicobacter Pylori. Cranberries also have a healing effect on the intestines: if you drink their juice regularly, the number of good bacteria in the digestive tract increases, and the food can be better absorbed and used more quickly. Also helpful for Weight Loss.

Does Cranberry Juice Make You Poop?

Cranberry drink is good for those who lack acid in their stomach. As low-acid stomach is a big trigger for digestion problems. Also food and nutrients can’t be broken down, resulting in a building up of stomach bacteria. Can be a result of Cramping, bloating or possible constipation.

Cranberry drink can increase the level of vitamin B12, absorbed by the body which help to raise acid in the stomach to healthy levels

Myth or Truth: Should You Drink Cranberry Juice After Sex?

One myth floating around the internet is that you should drink a glass of cranberry drink after sex. And there is actually some truth behind it: through movement during sexual intercourse, bacteria from the vagina can quickly get into the urinary tract and cause infections and inflammation there. As already mentioned, cranberry juice can counteract this because of its antibacterial substances. If you don’t have any berry juice in the fridge, you can simply go to the toilet right after sex. This also flushes the bacteria out of the urethra. 

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