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Gel Nails Ideas: Always the perfect manicure?

what are gel nails? They are easy to install and have a natural appearance. They are less annoying and thinner than acrylic nails. Some women prefer them because they find them more comfortable and pretty. If you fancy discovering this new trend, Remember that the health of your nails is very important. This type of nail is more of a decorative utility.

Decorative Gel Nail Polish

If you have a fairly active lifestyle, you wouldn’t be very comfortable with an awkward manicure. What then is the possible solution? Welcome to gel nails! Easy to apply, they are soft, flexible and aesthetically superior to acrylic ones. How to do gel nails? The gel is applied directly to the nails in several layers. From the first coat applied, you must place your hand under a UV lamp. It takes a little while, but you’d be happy to see your manicure last two or even three weeks. These nails are fragile, but they break less quickly than acrylic ones.

Decorative Gel Nails With a Shiny Varnish

Strengthening those nails is a good idea in itself. There are two ways to strengthen yours: false nails or a balanced diet. Certain ingredients can make your nails, skin, and hair prettier. Gel nails are not for hiding imperfections or poorly maintained nails. Their idea is to give an original look. It is a decoration for well-groomed nails. You can then draw them as you want. Any type of decoration is possible, just like for natural nails.

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Decorative Gel Nails: Combination of Colors

Every woman wants a manicure that is always well-groomed and pretty. We use our hands every day, for this reason, it is important to have them well cared for and clean every day. If you have nails that break quickly or don’t have a very solid structure, you can try gel nails! They are also false nails, but much more natural in appearance than acrylic ones. Finally, don’t forget that beauty comes from within, to always be beautiful and fresh, food plays a key role. Pretty nails, beautiful hair and beautiful skin call for a balanced diet.

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Decorative Gel Nails: Trendy Color

Decorative hard gel nails in well-assorted fresh colors. It’s up to you to choose from the wide range of colors! Gel nail polish emit fewer chemical odors during installation. Hoping that our gallery will inspire you, we wish you a pleasant visit.

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Gel Nail Art For winter

Symbolizing purity, in winter, we associate the color white with snow and flakes. That is why, white gel nails are favorite during the cold season. The gel polish makes the manicure much more durable for up to three weeks. Moreover, the nails in white turn out to be an ideal base for the addition of different colored ornaments such as rhinestones, sequins etc. Try short gel nails for winters.

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White Gel Nails: various ideas for a stylish manicure

If you think white nails are boring, think again! Subtle and super elegant, the white manicure is very glamorous and cannot go unnoticed. In addition, white nails offer a lot of design options. A very good idea is to combine them with another trendy color to achieve the latest look.

White manicure with arabic nail art

Unlike traditional polish, gel polish is characterized by a nice shine and gives the skin tone a particularly fresh appearance. It doesn’t matter if you have short or long nails, oval or rectangular, a white manicure always looks glamorous and we have proof of it!

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Here is a classic variation of white gel nails glorifying the famous manicure. Being extremely elegant, this nail art is suitable for all occasions and seasons. No matter if you go for a semi-sheer or more intense base, don’t hesitate and adopt soft elements like flourishes, festive patterns, lace, rhinestones and so on.

Half-moon gel manicure

Half-moon white gel nails are definitely on the rise. In this case, a semicircle (most often in the upper part of the nail) is painted white or is left completely empty. Moreover, you can enhance it by adding rhinestones, for example.

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White and gray nails with floral nail art

For more inspiration, we invite you to check out our gallery which includes over 40 white gel nail ideas. Embellished with rhinestones and pretty patterns, these manicures will leave you in awe.

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How long can you keep your nail polish?

Nail polishes have a limited shelf life. As a rule, they have an AOP (after opening period) of 12 to 24 months.

However, depending on how they are stored, nail polishes can deteriorate over time and thus lose their quality. There are certain signs that can alert you to this, such as:  

  • A change in color due to volatilization of solvents
  • The difficulty of application: dry and pasty nail polish
  • A texture that becomes flaccid or hardens
  • An unpleasant smell

How to remove gel nail polish

There is a quick and easy way to remove gel nail polish without damaging your nails. You will need a thinner and a cotton ball. Soak a cotton ball in a thinner bottle and place this wet cotton ball on your nail and rub gently. Repeat the same step to all your nail to remove polish from your nails. This is how to take off gel acrylic nails

How long do gel nails last?

Gel nails manicure can last from two to three weeks without compromising your nail health.

Where to dispose of your nail polish?

Has your nail polish become unusable or is your bottle empty?

  • If your bottle is not finished, it contains solvents which make it highly flammable. Do not put it in your regular waste bin but dispose of it at a waste disposal center.
  • If it is empty, rinse the bottle and dispose of it in the glass waste bin so that it can be recycled. As for the cap, you can throw it away in your regular waste bin.

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