how to remove color street nails

How to Remove Color Street Nails In 2022

Today we´ll talk about how to remove color street nails. It is one of the most asked questions by the girls who are passionate about nail arts

As we know that color street nails reviews are on trend now a days. There are many women, that love color street nails but they haven´t got time to come to the salon and decide to take it off by themselves. That´s why I decided to explain to you how to get color street nails off at home.

How to get color street nails off

Do you want to know “how to take off color street nails” You need to follow these steps if you want to take off color street nails? Don’t try to hurry you need to be patience to successful with this method at home. Surely this is the best way to remove color street nails.

Step 1: Prepare the things you need: acetone, silver paper, cotton, wooden stick and a buffer block.

Step 2: Start with the first hand. Put acetone on the cotton, then put it on the nail and wrap it around the finger. Continue until you have the five fingers done.

 Step 3: It is very important to wait around 10-15 minutes before removing the silver paper.

Step 4: Remove the paper from the fingers, one by one, and scrape the color street nails carefully with the wooden stick. To remove well the rest of the color street nails you can file the nail with the buffer block.

color street nail removal via wooden stick
color street nail removal via butter block filer

Repeat the same procedure with all the fingers. Be careful!

Step 5: Wash your hands and put cuticle oil on your nails, or you can use any color street nail removal and giving a light massage with it.

color street nail removal with cuticle oil

If you find it difficult to remove the color street nails after 15 minutes, leave it for a bit longer and try again gently.

What’s wrong with removing color street nails?

Many people try to remove color street nails with pure non-acetone polish remover only, this is an expensive job that will not remove all the remains completely. A very frequent mistake when it comes to removing it is to pull out the color street nails, this will make us take layers of keratin from our nails, leaving them very weak. It is one of the methods that we can see on the Internet, but we have not wanted to put it because it does not seem good or appropriate.
On the other hand, you have to consider this as an enamel that has to last on the nail and require maintenance. It is not good to remove and apply color street nails as if it were a traditional nail polish


There are many ways to remove color street nails, I have discussed the method which is the most useful and easy to do at home. I will discuss more methods in my next post like “color street nail guessing game answers”, “how to apply color street nail strips”, “how to remove color street nail strips” and “color street guess how many nail strips”

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