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Teens with Curves | Are you satisfied with it?

Everyone goes through this: Teenage is an important period in an individual’s life. But it is not always an easy passage. The path to adulthood is strewn with transformations, questions and doubts. Here is more information to better understand Teens with curves.


No one has ever gone to bed one night as a “child” to wake up the next day as a “teenager”. The moment when you say you are a teenager depends on each person but also on their environment (place of life). One thing is certain: not everyone becomes a teenager at the same age.

A period of transition between childhood and adulthood, Teenage is a relatively recent concept specific to modern Western society. So overnight?

  • In traditional societies: in the US, for example, initiation rites enable young people aged 10/12 to be recognized by their community as adults and as full members of the group.
  • In industrial societies: Teenage is a period that becomes longer and longer. Indeed, always under the guardianship of their parents, young people study and train to acquire a profession that will allow them to enter adulthood in complete autonomy.

Teenage is a passage or a journey, which leads from childhood to adulthood and which spans several years. It begins with puberty, that is to say when the body changes. Depending on the gender and the individual, it starts between 11 and 13 years old. Added to this is the entry into secondary school which places the young person in a new social category: It is no longer considered by society as a child.

Are Teens with Curves Wondering?

Are you a teenager and wondering what’s going on right now? Why are you asking all these questions? Why is your body changing? What if these changes are normal? Do you think you are in love with them? Do you wonder about your sexual orientation? You want to make love but you don’t know if you’re ready?

All these questions that cross your mind are very complicated. The answers will come over time, through encounters and experiences. In the meantime, you will find here information on what is happening in your body but also on sexuality in general.

Teen body curving

During Teenage, hormones work hard to bring your sexual organs (or genitals) to maturity and, ultimately, make procreation possible.

What are hormones?

These are chemicals secreted by the ovaries in girls and the testicles in boys.

They are responsible for most bodily changes:

  • development of genitalia;
  • appearance of signs such as excitement, erection;
  • change from your childish silhouette to an adult body;
  • pimples or teenage acne.

Certain sex hormones (produced by the adrenal glands located near the kidneys) also influence the activity of your brain, especially in the region where the center of emotions is located.

This would explain certain reactions, such as the desire to live your emotions passionately, the search for shivers and intense sensations… Desires which will also give you the strength to leave your family nest and explore other territories, to create new relationships, to test you.

Time to change and accept yourself

Changes to your body don’t happen overnight. They usually take several years. We are not equals in this area. There is no single scenario; the way the signals of the body appear, their importance, their effects vary enormously from one person to another. Everyone has their own biological rhythm.

What’s going on in my body?

From birth, whether one is born a girl or a boy, the body is “complete”. The genitals are at rest but ready to work as soon as they receive the order, that is to say from puberty.

For Teen Girls

Your breasts are growing, not necessarily at the same time. Sometimes one grows faster than the other. Nipples enlarge and change color. Inside the breast, the mammary gland develops and is surrounded by protective fat (adipose tissue).

Hair also appears, under the armpits and on the pubis. They don’t come for nothing but to protect your skin against perspiration which becomes more abundant and more acidic. The bristles actually prevent moisture from irritating your skin. Your skin secretes more sebum (oily substance) which causes pimples and blackheads.

Your body is growing faster than it has done so far, your silhouette changes, your pelvis widens, your waist is marked.

Your sex also changes, the vulva grows and changes color. Internally, the first egg matures in one of the two ovaries and the first period arrives. Your body from this moment allows you physically to have a child.

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