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7 Types of Orgasms and How to Get Them

Do you have trouble reaching orgasm? You are not alone in this. Several studies have shown that women have trouble reaching orgasm. For example, only two out of five women are completely satisfied with their partner after sex, according to Ann Summer’s Pleasure Positivity Project. In this article, you’ll learn what an orgasm is, the twelve types of orgasms, how to achieve those orgasms, and other important tips.

Another study was conducted by Durex and states that 75% of women in the Netherlands and Belgium do not orgasm during sex. On the other hand, 28% of men reported that they don’t always climax during intercourse.

These reports indicate that the ” orgasm gap ” or “orgasmic inequality” still exists. Due to the lack of information, the stigma surrounding masturbation, and the taboo in sex education, women still have a hard time reaching blissful climax.

What is an orgasm?

According to a study by Eric Julian Manalastas, an orgasm is an experience in which one feels transported into a state of bliss — almost like an altered state of consciousness where pleasure is the predominant emotion

It is considered the pinnacle of pleasure, an intense release of sexual tension, usually accompanied by contraction of the genital muscles and female ejaculation. While women climax differently, they generally experience the following signs:

  • Increased heart rate
  • contraction of the genital muscles
  • Slight body tremors, especially of the legs
  • Leakage of fluid, either from the urethra or from the vagina
  • Loss of sense of reality from sheer lust
  • Decreased stress level
  • Drowsiness or fatigue after orgasm
  • Stronger bond with partner (when playing in pairs)

Aside from the immense pleasure that orgasm brings, it also has health benefits. These include better sleep quality, better focus, glowing skin, boosted self-esteem, reduced physical pain and much more.

Types of orgasms and how to achieve them

One of the biggest misconceptions about female orgasm is that a woman can only experience it through vaginal penetration and G-spot stimulation. That’s not the case, however, because women can climax in a variety of ways—sometimes even without their vulva or vagina!

Therefore, if you’ve never climaxed during sex, don’t assume that you’ll never climax or that something is wrong with your body. It just means you have to experiment more to find out what kind of stimulation and orgasm works for you. Here are the 12 types of orgasms and general instructions on how to achieve them.

1. Clitoral orgasm

Clitoral orgasm involves stimulating the clitoris, a small bump on the upper part of the vulva, just below the pubic mound. She has many nerve endings that will get your body into a hot rush if you touch her with your fingers, palm, tongue or with sex toys like vibrators and clit lollipops.

How to reach him

With your fingers: Rub, circle and press on your clitoris with your oiled fingers.

Through cunnilingus : Have your partner lick your clitoris.

By Dry Humping: Do dry humping on a pillow or with your partner; You can do this with or without underwear.

With a vibrator: Use a mini vibrator, finger vibrator or clitoral lollipop to stimulate the clitoris.

2. G-spot orgasm

You’ve probably heard of the elusive G-spot from various blogs and other online resources. This spongy piece of flesh is located 2 to 3 centimeters deep in the front wall of the vagina. The special thing about it is that the G-spot only appears when you are fully aroused.

However, once you find and stimulate this zone, you can experience intense orgasms, sometimes even more intense than clitoral orgasms! That’s why, despite the challenge of reaching this type of climax, people are still inclined to give it a try. Because who doesn’t want those tingling Os, right?

How to reach him

With your fingers: When fully aroused, insert your oiled index or middle finger and locate the spongy flesh on the upper vaginal wall. Once you’ve found him, make a “come here” motion – that’s the motion you make when you call out to someone. Continue this movement at varying or constant speeds (depending on your preference) until you reach climax.

With a partner: During intercourse, choose a position that you have full control over (e.g. the woman above) or a position where your partner’s penis or strap-on is stimulating your upper vaginal wall

Using a G-spot vibrator: Use a G-spot vibrator! They’re designed with a curved shaft and flexible tip to stimulate your elusive G-spot with ease. Some even have oscillating or rotating nubs to increase stimulation.

3. Cervical orgasm

This type of orgasm is not very well known in the world of female pleasure as it is incredibly difficult to achieve. As the name suggests, a cervical orgasm involves stimulating the cervix, the lower part of the uterus that serves as the entrance. It is located deep in the vagina and cannot be stimulated with fingers or a penis; You need a long dildo or a vibrator to reach this point.

When you’ve managed to stimulate your cervix, you can look forward to an overwhelming climax – stronger than a clitoral, g-spot or a-spot orgasm! Some people say it’s a different kind of O as it sends waves of pleasure through every inch of your body.

How to reach him

With a long and straight sex toy: As with other types of orgasms that require deep penetration, you must first be fully aroused. Find a comfortable spot and start warming up with audio, video or fantasy cues. You can also start massaging your body sensually. Once ready, take a long vibrator or dildo (at least 10 inches long) and apply a liberal amount of water-based lube. Take your time inserting the toy. Once you feel the sex toy has reached the cervix, gently squeeze or rub the area. Use caution when stimulating the cervix – never try to penetrate it!

4. Anal orgasm

Did you know that your anus is rich in nerve endings? You can also stimulate your A-spot indirectly via your butt. So if you’re looking for a fun way to sweet O, go for the backdoor fun! Stimulating your butt might feel uncomfortable at first, but once you get used to the sensations, you’re well on your way to anal orgasm.

Here’s how to get there

With fingers: Before anal fingering, make sure your fingers are clean and smooth. Your anus is a sensitive organ that shouldn’t be stimulated with jagged fingernails. You should also have water- or silicone-based lubricant ready. Get yourself in a comfortable position and get aroused. When you are completely relaxed and aroused, apply lube to your middle or index finger and then gently insert it into your anus. Then you can insert your fingers into the anus in a circular motion.

Using an Anal Toy: Start shopping for your favorite toy. Do you want an anal toy that just stays in place, or do you want something you can slide in and out of your butt? Would you like something with a suction cup or an anal toy that vibrates? Once you’ve listed your preferences, you can start looking for a toy that suits your needs.

Once you have the toy, you can start the backdoor fun! Start by relaxing your body and putting it in a naughty mood. Once you’re aroused, apply plenty of water-based lube to your chosen toy and gently insert it into your anus. Different toys work differently; if you use a vibrating butt plug, you can just leave it on. On the other hand, if you use an anal dildo or anal beads, you have to move the toy in and out of your butt. No matter what toy you use for your backdoor, just follow the instructions that come with it, always have a bottle of lube handy, and you’re good to go.

5. Nipple orgasm

Nipple play is usually considered foreplay. However, if you’re patient and adventurous enough, it can actually give your body intense orgasms. Science even has evidence as to why this is possible.

When your nipples are aroused, it sends a message to the genital sensory cortex, the same part of the brain responsible for genital stimulation. So when you stimulate your nipples, your brain interprets it as touching your vulva and vagina.

Here’s how to get there

With your fingers: Once you’re in the mood, apply water- or oil-based lube to your fingers. Gently massage the area around your nipples – don’t flick the nipples just yet, you still want to tease that area. After irritating the area for a few minutes, begin using circular motions around the area, slowly working your way toward the center of the nipples with each rotation. When you reach the tip of your nipple, use light rubbing motions in that area. You can also pinch them to increase the sensations. Stimulate your nipples until you climax.

With a partner: Ask your partner to squeeze, rub, lick, nibble, and suck on your nipples. Use flavored lube to boost the deed.

With sex toys: You can try rubbing your nipples with a mini vibrator, a lay-on vibrator, or a clitoral sucker. You can also use nipple clamps to make your nipples more sensitive to touch

6. Mixed orgasm

The mixed or combined orgasm combines the best of both worlds. As the name suggests, it stimulates two of your erogenous zones, for example your G-spot and your clitoris. It may take a while to get used to the sensations, but once you master a certain combination of stimulations, you’ll be reaching heavenly orgasms in no time.

How to reach him

Depends on your preference: Start with a simple assessment: What are your favorite types of stimulation? Do you cum the most when you stimulate your G-spot and clitoris? Do you love playing with your nipples while rubbing a vibrator on your clitoris? Once you’ve figured out your favorite type of stimulation, you need to prepare the appropriate intimate products and sex toys for it. Remember to take your time with this – the more you push yourself, the less chance you have of getting the big O.

7. Sleep orgasm

As the name suggests, a sleep orgasm can only be achieved while you are asleep. Also known as a nighttime orgasm or wet dream, this type of climax is triggered by a sexually arousing dream, overwhelming anxiety, or too much stress. However, don’t think that a sleep orgasm is a sign of sexual dysfunction; that’s perfectly normal.

How to reach him

Keep in mind that there is no specific sign by which you can tell if you have had a sleeping orgasm or not. Unlike men’s wet dreams, ejaculation does not necessarily occur after orgasm. To experience nocturnal orgasms, we recommend sleeping on your stomach as this can trigger more clitoral stimulation. It is also reported to increase the vividness of your dreams. Thinking about sex and your sensual fantasies also increases the likelihood that you will dream about it and come to the sweet O.

Tips for a better and easier orgasm

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of orgasms and the ways to achieve them, you’re probably excited to try some of these types. But before you close this guide and head to bed, make sure you read the following tips. This way you can ensure you get the most out of your solo or pair play. Read on!

1. Choose mindful masturbation.

Rather than mindlessly touching yourself, focus on the moment and stay in it. Not only can this bring you intense orgasms, but it can also help you discover the things you want in solo or pair play. That’s why we recommend you practice mindfulness in your masturbation games while trying out the above types of climaxes.

2. Experiment!

Open your mind and body to different masturbation techniques, sex positions and types of stimulation. This will not only help you to discover your preferences, but also lead you to fulfilled climaxes.

That doesn’t mean you have to change your entire masturbation routine every time you touch yourself; just build one new thing into each session and see if it helps you hit those exciting Os.

3. Spice it up with stimulants.

Stimulants are intimate products designed to enhance sensations when a specific area is stimulated. Usually available in cream or gel form, they increase the pleasure you feel when playing solo or in pairs. If you are looking for a unique way to enhance your orgasm or products that will spice things up, then these are the products you should look for. Visit our Stimulants page for our best selling stimulant creams, gels and sprays.

4. No pressure, more desire!

We can’t stress this enough, but take your damn time, sis. When trying to achieve the different types of orgasms, don’t rush the process, instead enjoy every feeling you feel during the session. Don’t just focus on the end goal – experiencing pleasure isn’t a race, it’s a marathon. So instead of dealing with the climax, just close your eyes and enjoy every moment you or your partner touches your erogenous zones.

5. Include sex toys in the storyline.

Say yes to sex toys! They make it easier to achieve certain orgasms because they are designed to stimulate those areas. Some toys are also versatile and can produce different types of climaxes. Just make sure you’re buying a sex toy that’s made from body-safe materials, and you’re good to go!


Bringing yourself to orgasm isn’t as easy as you might think. As we have already mentioned, every woman is different. So don’t think there’s something wrong with you just because you can’t orgasm from vaginal or clitoral stimulation – it just means your body prefers a different kind of play.

Another takeaway from this guide is that exploring your body and discovering your Os takes a lot of practice. It’s okay if you don’t get it right the first time; just keep trying and experimenting until you find the types of stimulation that work best for you. We hope this guide will help you achieve the intense orgasms you deserve. Much luck!

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