impact of popularity on mental health

What are the impact of popularity on mental health?

In 2022, many people are succeeding online. With the development of social networks, the likelihood of a stable income through the publication of content without leaving home has increased, and such work is considered the most desirable in society.

However, fame and public work are always associated with mental health problems. Today we will talk about The impact of popularity on mental health and not harm yourself

The impact of popularity on mental health

Probably you have heard many times that popular actors or singers suffer from depression and other diseases associated with mental health. This is due to the fact that a large amount of work and public life together lead to stress and do not allow you to relax.

Everyone would like to become famous, but not everyone understands that this is far from being as wonderful as it seems. Of course, at first everyone likes that they are recognized on the street and asked to be photographed, but over the years people get tired of the constant close attention from millions of people and the press.

Most likely, when you feel bad, you want to be alone and go to the nearest store as much as possible to buy the necessary products. But if you are a famous person, you will be photographed and a lot of people will speculate about what happened to you. This takes a toll on mental health and can cause anxiety and paranoia.

Searching an audience is a big stress

As a rule, bloggers face a lot of stress at the initial stage of work when they cannot find their audience. It is very difficult to succeed in any niche now because there are already many successful accounts on any topic.

In order not to waste time and nerves searching for new viewers, you can buy Instagram followers cheap on a specialized website that provides the ability to quickly promote. This is one of the best promotion methods because here you don’t have to pay much and you will get results instantly.

In addition, we recommend that you do not try to work for all the people of the world. You cannot please all mankind because all people have different views, points of view and interests. Choose a specific target audience for which your content will be most interesting and study its traits.

Unsubscribes and decrease in audience activity

Another factor in the emergence of anxiety and stress is the decrease in audience activity after a sharp rise. As a rule, absolutely all bloggers face this. When you are just starting out in your career and have recently received your first rapid increase in subscribers, it seems to you that now their number will constantly increase.

This applies not only to creators in social networks, but also to all popular people. It seems to all actors and singers that after one hit they will fall into trends every time and be discussed by millions of people, however, some releases remain in the shadows and do not catch a wide audience.

Unfortunately, after some time you will experience temporary stagnation or even a recession. You shouldn’t take it to heart. It is better to contact the experts and buy real Instagram followers to return the number of people that you have lost. This will allow you to keep calm and get rid of thoughts that you are no longer interesting to users.

Negative comments

Probably one of the most common causes of stress and even depressive disorders are the negative comments that bloggers receive when they gain a large number of viewers. Inspired by popularity, they believe that absolutely everyone likes their content and do not understand what they did wrong and what caused the negative.

Do not assume that you are to blame for the anger of other people. Every creator has haters because people tend to envy other people and get mad at them for their success. Do not close comments because you need to communicate with your subscribers there and see feedback from them. Try not to pay attention to the hate and be sure that you are not the cause of someone’s aggression.

We recommend that you do not respond to aggressive statements and do not enter into controversy because this will have a bad effect on both your reputation and your mental health. It is easier to ignore the negative and not respond to it than to enter into a long argument and provoke oneself to aggression.

Often haters just need to get your energy and provoke you into aggressive statements. In the future, they can use this as compromising evidence on you. Therefore, you should either delete these comments or just ignore them. The second option is better because ignoring will make people realize that you cannot be broken.


In addition to the negative in the comments, you can meet unfriendly colleagues or competitors. It often happens that some creators become famous because they have entered into a loud conflict and make content about it. Of course, this can give you the opportunity to become famous, but it’s not worth it at all.

Firstly, being in a state of conflict can lead you to depression, and secondly, quarrels with other bloggers can prevent you from developing in social networks. There is a good chance that in the future you will need to collaborate with someone or collaborate in some other way. Do not become an enemy to anyone and then it will be much easier for you to build your career.

As a rule, the career of those who quarrel with everyone does not end with anything good, because everyone turns away from these people. If you want famous creators and brands to work with you, then you should be friendly and respectful to the entire community.


Work in social networks and the subsequent popularity often lead to mental disorders. It cannot be assumed that being famous is comfortable and safe. Be mindful of your health and try to avoid stress whenever possible.

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