How to Make a Fake Bruise

How to Make a Fake Bruise

How sometimes you want not to go to a boring lecture or leave school early because of a bruise or fever. And not to write a test – because of a bruised hand or suffering form fever.

But who will believe ordinary words? You need visual proof – a bruise. a fever
you have to do something to fake a fever or fake a bruises. In this article we will discuss how to bruise yourself how to make a fake bruise.

How to bruise yourself?

Method 1 (not suitable for girls)

Go to a “real child” on the street and tell him something not very pleasant and unprintable. Here you are not only guaranteed bruises.

Many Teens want fake bruising for fun and asking how can I bruise myself easily, why do I bruise so easily.

But if the first method does not suit you, you can use a much more pleasant and painless.

What do you need if you want fake bruise?

First, you need to determine where you want the bruise and how to give yourself a bruise. I offer the wrist as such. Everyone knows that with a real bruise on your wrist it is very difficult to write tests. Here are some way on how to make a fake bruise.

  • Foil – usually silver foil.
  • Chalk – plain chalk – Calcium-Tse-O-Tri, white (usually they are written on a board or painted on the asphalt)
  • Step 1: First, you need to determine where you want the bruise. I offer the wrist as such. Everyone knows that with a real bruise on your wrist it is very difficult to write tests
  • Step 2: Now rub the selected area with plenty of chalk.                                 
  • Step 3: We take the foil, roll it on a rough ball and with three hands on top of the chalk.
  • Step 4: Well, the bruise is ready. You can also add a little water to the bruise for a more realistic look. Of course, any doctor can distinguish this bruise from a real one, but in war, as they say, all means are good. In principle, you can take a break from the teacher from a distance, showing the “wound”. Or to say that I recently hit my hand and that’s why the bruise still hasn’t appeared properly. In short, improvise!

How to make bruises under the eyes at home          

To create an interesting look for a masquerade or Halloween, quarrelsome relatives and friends or other purposes, sometimes it is necessary to create a black eye.

This can be done artificially with makeup or dangerously by force.

When choosing a method, it is recommended to think about the consequences and choose makeup – it is safe, easy to delete, then you do not need to look for methods to solve the problem, concussion, injuries and other unpleasant consequences.

How to make a real bruise

To get a real bruise, you need to force the sensitive skin under the eyes:

  • Ask a friend or make other people hit, get angry, this method is dangerous, hematomas can appear all over the body;
  • Hit in the eyes;
  • Hit the edge of an object – cabinet, table, door frame, etc.

These methods, which help you get real bruises, are not safe. May cause injuries and bruises all over the body.

How to make an artificial bruise

There are many ways to make artificial bruises: they are fast and not very fast, require special training, skills and knowledge, are suitable for any or professional makeup artist. Before you start implementing the ideas, you need to analyze the safety, the absence of side effects.

How to make real bruises on the body. How to make a fake bruise? How to quickly remove bruises with folk remedies

There are different situations in life. Sometimes even a simple bruise can help us in a business. For example, a bruise is needed to perform a scene, or someone has decided to play a quarrel with friends. How to make a bruise? There are several ways.

Get a Fake Bruise with Chalk and Foil

Chalk and foil are needed.

  1. Credit the area where you want to bruise.
  2. Then you need to rub this place with foil, which must first be rolled into a lump.
  3. It should be moistened with water from above.

Such a bruise will not last long, so prepare it just before the demonstration. But you can bruise quickly.

Get yourself a Bruise with Sheet and Paper

You will need lead for a pencil and a sheet of paper.          

  1. It is necessary to crush the lead on a sheet.
  2. Then you have to grind it, attach a sheet to the body and grind a little again.

Get a Fake Bruise with Matches

All you need are matches. It will be necessary to rub the bruise with a match head with sulfur. This method will take longer, but the bruising lasts longer.

Get yourself a Bruise with Paint Colors

This method is more difficult, but the bruises will be very natural. You will need blue, yellow, burgundy and black paints, a sponge and a brush. Apply the paint lightly with a sponge.

  1. First of all, you need to determine the shape of the future bruise.
  2. Then you need to put blue paint in the center and shade it.
  3. After that you need to apply yellow paint on the edges with your finger, shading it both in the center and on the edges.
  4. Then you need to add a little burgundy paint in the center and mix it with blue.
  5. If you need a darker bruise, then you need to saturate it with black. To do this, use a brush to make light strokes closer to the center.
  6. If you need accurate bleeding, add a mixture of scarlet and burgundy paint in the center with light touches of sponge.

Mix colors until you see a real, realistic bruise. This method is suitable if you need to bruise your arm.

Fake Bruise with Iodine and Blue Shade

You need iodine and blue shades.

  1. Iodine should be applied to the bruise.
  2. Then you need to apply shadows on iodine.

This method is suitable for bruising the face, but to make bruises under the eyes, it is better to use the following method. This is how to bruise yourself easily.

Get a Bruise with Makeup

How to make a bruise with makeup? You will need black eyeliner, yellow, blue and purple shadows, a napkin. The shadows should be matte.

  1. First, apply black eyeliner under the eyes.
  2. Then mix with a napkin. This is done to give more softness.
  3. Then apply a layer of matte purple eye shadow.
  4. Add dark blue along the eyelids.
  5. Finish the bruise with yellow shadows – apply all over the bruise.

Get Bruise with Aluminum Button and Pencil

Requires aluminum button and pencil.

  1. You need to draw the surface of the button with a pencil.
  2. Then effortlessly rub the site of the alleged bruise. You need to rub until a slight redness of the skin appears – then you get a real bruise with redness.

Get Bruise with Aluminum Spoons

Only two aluminum spoons are needed.

You need to rub the spoons together and then rub the skin where you want to rub with a spoon. It will look very natural. This is how to make a bruise go away on your face. This is how to make yourself bruise easily.

We have given you eight ways on how to give yourself bruises at home. Choose the one that suits you best.

How to get a bruise under the right or left eye? The motivation of the people who ask this question is completely unknown to us, but we will not look for it. We will simply list all the known methods to make either a real or an artificial hematoma to satisfy the curiosity of the readers. Whether you personally need bruises or not, judge for yourself.


At home, a real bruise can be done in a few relatively simple ways. Also you can choose a method for fake bruises. Why comparative? The fact is that the simplicity of the methods listed below depends on factors such as your sensitivity to pain and the presence of willpower.
Nest we will discuss on what does it mean when you bruise easily?

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